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No sleep for the wicked.

14 Mar

It’s been a while. Yes, I have missed you too. Life has been super busy yet ridiculously good. I won’t get into a full on report of what has been going on because unlike some people on Facecloth, no one really cares that much about what you’re doing every 2 seconds of your life, where you are or what it looks like there. But. Just a few things from this week.

I just love concerts. Well, concerts by amazing artists. You would not get me to Madonna if someone paid me to go. Snow Patrol however performed in town on Sunday night. Yes it was a school night. No I didn’t care. They were absolutely amazing. They are one of my favourite bands and they most certainly did not disappoint. Having them in our back yard was such a treat. One great thing about watching concerts in Muscat is that it is always in a small venue which means no que to the bar, toilets, to get in, out – in fact just no waiting in ques at all – which could possibly be my worst activity because of my impatience problem. But it is just so easy. And we like easy. Complicated is just no use.

Snow Patrol

I then found myself at a rather cultural event on Monday night. The Ibuyambo Ensemble were performing at the Al Felaij Castle Theatre.

Now a few reasons why I went.

1. They’re from South Africa. This one’s a no brainer.

Ibuyambo Ensemble

2. The performance is in a castle and takes place in an outdoor ampitheatre. Quite novel hey? Yes, I thought so myself.

Al Felaij Castle

3. My client is the power behind all of these performances, so you know the rest.

These guys started out busking on the streets in Cape Town and have now performed from Canada to China including performances at the Edinburgh Festival and Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Concert at Wembley Stadium. They were brilliant. It was just so incredible to have a little taste of home in the desert. The Gumboot dancers were my best – reminded me of being at Gold Reef City as a kid. 

Here’s some Gumboot dancers in Camps Bay in Cape Town, in front of what looks like Caprice on a perfect Cape Town summers day. The good life.

Performance in the ampitheatre

Proudly South African, again and again.

And after a superb week  the weekend is staring at me square in the FACE, already. A few things in the calendar that I simply just can’t wait for – My barfday weekend coming up, Dubai and can’t wait to see Scottish Lass, Elton John and nearly nearly time to head back to the Motherland for a holiday. This is the highlight, of course. Can . Not . Wait . 

Now you go have yourself a cracker one too.


Miss M x


5 Stuffs.

7 Mar

Sunset in South Africa.

Love the simplicity. And that graffiti foot rest is amazing.

New Alexander McQueen scarf that I have a tad of an obsession with.

Dior Lip Glow. It responds to the color chemistry of your lips to create a shade that is uniquely yours. Yes really. My best lip stuff.

Strawberry Margarita Shots.


Miss M x

Sweets, get me a beer from the fridge…

5 Jun

Saturday and Sunday, in a man’s world, are very much dedicated to sport. And in actual fact, any sport will do – rugby, footie, golf, even darts for God’s sake if that’s the only thing that’s on. I do love watching sport, especially if the Springboks are out to be smashing the Ozzies – YES, bring on the World Cup already!

So in talking about sport what do 2 people do that come from different countries, say South Africa and Scotland, hypothetically speaking – but love watching sport and backing their beloved countries!? I would be highly upset if my man was backing on Australia, even if they were playing the All Blacks. Just not going to happen. Ever.

So here’s Miss M’s “how to” guide using the 2 countries above as examples:

When countries play:

  1. If South Africa is playing – he supports South Africa.
  2. If Scotland is playing – I support Scotland.
  3. If South Africa and Scotland are up against each other (the countries not the people gutter brain)– each to his own. But no name calling, nastiness and slating each other’s countries – just good sportsmanship. You will also bet, obviously for your own country, but this will make it fun. Especially for whatever you’re betting on. Enough said.

The above rules apply to say Super 15 too, even though Scotland does not play.

  1. If a South African team is playing they will be supported.
  2. If South Africa is not playing, no Ozzie team will ever be supported. So simply pick a Kiwi  team as the 2nd favourite.

Pretty easy no?

When teams play:

  1. Pick a team together – like for footie for example. 10 to 1 the chica is just going to go with whatever his team is here, especially if she is from South Africa. If you are in fact a footie supporter and you have team as I’m sure most ladies from Europe and the UK have then please replace your teams with countries as above and follow the guidelines accordingly.

When it comes to watching sport – let him watch. Don’t be a nag. If it’s not something you interested in go out for lunch with the girls, get a manicure and pedicure, shop, beach, driving range, chill at home and write random crap for your blog – do whatever. Just don’t nag. BUT:

  1. The sport has to be live. Unless it’s a major game that has been prerecorded because of the time differences that exist in the world and that you both simply cannot miss. This is a bit of a grey area, but use your discretion here please. We’re all adults. Some maybe not, but you get what I’m saying.
  2. He will have to record a chick flick and watch it with you after sport is done. Or, do something you want to do.
  3. If your team / country or his team / country are playing you watch. Not because you have to but because you should want to.
  4. You are not there to fetch beer from the fridge. Get a life boet.

I think it’s pretty simple peaches. No one likes complicated. So happy sportings!

And just for the record, South Africa is SO in it to win the Rugby World Cup. Just saying.

Miss M x

NO COFFEE!? Excuse me, WHY!?

13 Apr

So I’m quite excited to be participating in THE NO COFFEE PROJECT at work today. Um, not quite. Not since I have spent the last 3 nights glued to my TV watching “ex oh ex oh” Gossip Girl until stupid o’clock in the morning on school nights. Stooopid girl. Stooopid.

OK but jokes aside – I am excited. Here’s what it’s all about. Imagine if all of the TBWA offices globally gave up coffee for a day and what they would have spent on coffee they give to charity. Now just let me explain this. for a minute This is a MAHOOSIVE ask. Advertising peeps drink the stuff that is caffeine by the gallons. I however, have given it up and drink rooibos tea instead. So good. But still, after late nights in the office or hangover mornings I will definitely suck back on a Starbucks cuppa. Over and above this we purchased T-shirts and badges and that cash will go to the charity too.

This is where I get really excited!!! The charity is Room 13. Room 13 is a network of art students around South Africa and children run it. They run it as their own business. They don’t just learn creative skills, but also life skills and business skills. Little tear in my eye, obviously so close to my heart because it’s my beloved country and I am so Proudly South African, it’s a joke. This Saffa lurves her country much!

How do you not LURVE this country. Home sick – bleh!

OK so other than no coffee after too much Gossip Girl, a slight fashion malfunction to work with the t-shirt today (which I’ve tried to spruce up with a cardi and funky head band) I’m excited! We’ve given up something we can’t live without for children who live with nothing.


Miss M x