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Sherlock Holmes. The series. You win.

21 Mar

I’m one of those kinds of people that loves a good series. I do, however, limit the nonsense that I feed to my brain and am rather quite selective in what I choose to watch. Staring blankly at the TV does not rank as something I like to do. If it doesn’t even sound remotely good to me, I’ll flag it.

So, having smashed Game of Thrones season 1 in pretty much a day and a bit (yes, it is that good) and in serious anticipation of season 2 which comes out on the 1st of April (can . not . wait . ) we needed something to fill the gap. The Accomplice has been banging on and on and on and on about Sherlock Holmes, the series. Honestly, I’ve told him to ‘tsek over and over and over and over again and that I was really not interested in watching such crap. Eventually I caved. Because every time I say, “what should we watch?” I get the same answer, “Sherlock Holmes” and I was getting bored of that. So we watched it.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson.

Now, I do not like admitting that I am wrong. Not now. Not ever. But in this case I will park my pride and mumble softly that he was right. Oh . My . Hat . It is brilliant. It might just even be competing for a 1st place spot with Game of Thrones and the moment – and trust me, that is seriously a huge statement I just made right there. So with only 2 series of Sherlock out, and only 3 episodes in each series we’ve finished watching it already and now friggin’ wait for season 3, which will only take like another year.

Do yourself a favour – and watch it. It is just so clever and continuously has you guessing, plotting, caught of guard and secretly wanting to be as awesome as Sherlock himself.

You were right. I was wrong. You win. There. I said it.

Miss M x