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Nike + Fuelband. And Oman in their video. We like.

11 Apr

The Marketing cats over at Nike have just got it so right. Or let me rephrase. Nike’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy have got it so right for Nike. I’ve never really thought much of Nike to be honest. Yes – Just Do It and the swoosh is good and we can’t argue with that. Kudo’s. But the current brand positioning  itself – not so much. I could be talking out of turn here but I think they’ve fallen behind the likes of Adidas and Reebok in recent times but that of course is just my perception and opinion. I have not seen any solid communication from Nike in the Middle East that has caught my attention but maybe people here don’t like to Just Do It   this is not their target audience!? Uh – hum. Adidas is my vibe. I buy the brand. Wear the brand. Love the brand and am loyal to it. But. That might just have all changed.

Nike + Fuelband recently launched to the market. It’s a band that you wear on your wrist that measures your daily activity and tracks each step and calories burned – NikeFuel. Plus it’s a watch. You can also set a target for how active you want to be. You start at red, when it gets to green you’ve hit your goal. Simple. It’s also then a USB that you can plug into your computer or sync wirelessly through bluetooth and the mobile app to track your performance. I like. Especially with Big Little whipping our arses down on the pitch – would be good to see what hell the man is putting us through.

Now that all sounds totes nerdy and I am not so sure I would even wear something like that. All day. On my wrist. Like a muppet. It probably wouldn’t fit my outfit bla bla bla etc. But then I watched this.



And suddenly the brand is positioned so clearly in my mind that I want one. Now. So the uber clever ad guys have seen that such an innovative product needs and equally innovative positioning. Enter the tagline – Life Is a Sport. Make it count, which successfully integrates itself into Nike’s ongoing Make It Count campaign. Which to be honest going back to what I said earlier, I have really not seen much on. Very clever indeed Nike, because this has important implications for the brand and the overall brand positioning, which in my mind was totally lacking.

Now, more importantly people. And don’t jump to conclusions here. I’m not going to bang on about South Africa like you just thought I was going to do. Aaaaah, one step ahead of you today my lovely. Johannesburg unfortunately does not rank high in my books. In fact, it doesn’t rank at all. But. Oman does. I was really surprised to see the Grand Mosque appearing in this video. As well as the Tiwi Sinkhole which he jumps into. I’ve been to the Sink Hole many times and love it down there but I have not jumped from the top… yet. Added to the list of things to do now.

I don’t usually talk shop. But today I have purely because I felt like it. Plus, with such a rad video how could I not go on and share that with you. I know, so kind.

Wiki wiki weekend people. Get in. If it is anything like last weekend (God bless our souls) it should be, um, somewhat raucous FUN.

Make it count.

Miss M x