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2 Enthusiastic thumbs up to Nike. Again. Even if it’s football related.

28 May

Nike’s launched a new interactive football YouTube ad on their Nike Football channel. Now, it’s no secret that I’m not much of a football fan but this caught my attention because of what I do on a daily basis to fund my fun and pay some bills.  And I really do love working in this industry. These guys have got it so right. Again. Obviously their budgets are beyond ridiculous and they must throw some serious moola  at their Ad agency to develop this amazing kind of communication. But, blown away by it is a severe understatement. It’s interactive. It’s right in your face. And it works. 

Check it out on the link below. There are apparently 9 tunnels so be quick off the mark to click away and explore it all because it is seriously jam packed with stuffs.


And no, I will not tell you what my Football IQ was in the Football Brain tunnel. Um, I think not.

Miss M x