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Life’s a Beach – watch this immediately!

25 Jul

Chris Stear (aka Oafie) you little biscuit! Oafs is a friend that I used to toddle around in nappies with along with his triplet siblings and older boet. Our folks all used to braai and drink beers together back in the day and we’re all still in touch. He is literally living the dream now and Earth Touch are documenting it – the life we all secretly wish we had instead of being stuck in our daily desk jobs. Chris is living the ultimate “beach bum” lifestyle in Mozambique. After watching the trailer and the 1st episode of Life’s a Beach it was so awesome to see that happy smiley Oafie face again! It’s been too long  my friend!

The Good times at Theewaters.

Ponta d’Ouro – Mozambique

Watch the trailer and to read more on the show:


And the 1st episode:


Brilliant, love it! Sign up, like it, watch it, share it, tweet etc to support Chris. I think a little rendezvous in Ponta will be on the cards very soon!

Go on you good thing you!

Miss M x