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5 Stuffs.

26 Mar

Dubai. Just love a little Dubai.


Mustard and turquoise colour combination. Hat. Knotted belt. Perfect outfit.


Clearly Hester knows what she's talking about.


Vietnamese summer rolls with mango & sweet chili dipping sauce.


The newest Aramani Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara. THE best mascara that ever existed. Trust me.


Miss M x


Get your brunch on!

11 Apr

I just spent the most AMAZE weekend in Dubai. That city just never fails to be down right fabulous. I decided to take a few days off work and head up for a long weekend. The Accomplice and I headed off on Tuesday evening and drove up. Now here’s a thing, we’ve decided that this is just not our vibe. Yes, we will be total snobs and fly next time.  Few reasons why:

  1. I nearly platsed when I saw about 100 military tankers in Sohar. Scary scary, did I mention scary!?
  2. The toilets at the gas stations are revolting. (Just threw up a bit in my mouth thinking about it).
  3. My car has a ding ding ding noise that does not go away when you reach over 120km’s. Fail.
  4. You can’t have a bevvie at the airport bar. Not that Muscat International has one at the moment, but still. I’m still going with this as a very valid point (just saying).
  5. The cuisine on the side of the road is far from anything western, as you can see and I’m not one for packing a lunch box, thank you very much:

Very special drink indeed. Special.

Needless to say this particular beverage was NOT consumed otherwise I would have potentially had a house mate with an um, you know. OK, let’s just not go down this road. So enough of the negativity already, it’s ruining my vibe, we will not be driving in the near future. (Well, HE will not be going in this direction anymore, very sad topic and we’re not talking about it, someone pass the tissues please).  Bottom line. Capiche.

The weekend was spent gallivanting around the city that is Dubai, early afternoon drinks in Apres (don’t judge, I was on holiday and it was past 12) following onto some delightful bars around the Marina, watching football (mmm, not out of choice really but I will say it wasn’t too bad at all, possibly for other reasons which are far more interesting than soccer footie. Might even watch the 2nd leg I believe it’s called – getting so educated these days it’s a joke). Also had a lovely evening for dinner and then shopping around Mall of the Emirates with my 2 FAVOURITE Scottish ladies (these 2 just crack me up every time) and then brunch. Puh-lease, of course we brunched my peach. Of course.

Few arvie drinks at Apres in Mall of the Emirates

…followed by happy hour (buy 1 get 1 free bottles of bubbles) at Ibn Battuta Gate. Love some bubbles of course…

Onto the pool side bar at The Address at the Marina – lurvely, we like.

Ending off at McGettigans Irish Pub at the Bonnington.

Yes, for the football. Don’t go judging now.

I’ve been to the Warehouse brunch before and I lurved it. This time, it was even better and there was a barfday to celebrate, fanastic. On arrival we were greeted by the friendliest of staff dressed up in 80’s kit and a shot of fruity beverage to intoxicate ourselves, a tad. Lovely, thank you kindly, I will have one of those – to get my brunch on! We had a table of the most amazing friends which I think most certainly adds to the festivities of the day. Actually, it makes the day (or ruins it in some cases).

Warehouse at the Le Meridien

Now I’ve given you this tip before, make bestest friends with your waiter the minute you arrive. I duly did this. Jerry was just amazing. Constantly adorning us with bevvies and platters of sushi, spring rolls and Thai beef salad. The food wasn’t amazing, but it was still delish – nothing to complain about. As I’ve said before, brunch is not about the food, especially not this brunch. This brunch is about getting your brunch on in a vibey atmosphere, great music floating through the venue, friendliest and efficient staff I’ve ever come across and never ending Mojito’s, or whatever your heart desires. Vodka & Lime in my case. Jerry was lovely enough to reserve us a little VIP table next to the dance floor he loved us that much for after brunch festivities and the rest of the day is slightly, um, blurry. Warehouse is definitely up there as a venue to razzle and dazzle at and get your brunch on. Here’s the contact details – book in my peach!


I do know I ended up in the chippy eating haggis at the end of the night. Enough said. And yes, there is more. But don’t be such a nosy parker puh-lease daahling. Some things are better left unsaid.

Miss M x