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31 Jan

I work in the service (not that kind of service, gutter brain) – advertising to be exact, so the creative service industry you could call it. Or more like the “I sit with a tub of vaso on my desk and take it up the a$$ all day.” Graphic, but true.  OK, OK, it’s not that true, but some days I feel like it is, so maybe that kind of service!? Moving along swiftly…

Don’t get me wrong, I do love what I do, working in advertising that is. There has to be some underlying creative passion that keeps advertising peeps in this industry because Lord knows it’s not the money (us advertising-kind earn nothing close to the number-crunching-kind), it’s most certainly not the love for late nights at the office eating crappy pizza and defo not for my love of vaso (the stuff is revolt – vom). But somehow we stay in it, purely for the weird love of it I guess. I also think that society has this perception that working in advertising is glitz and glam. Negative, it’s not. Sometimes – maybe, but not all the time.

Comedy central ad – HILARIOUS!

Award winning Zimbabwean campaign, developed by TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris/Johannesburg. This campaign has always stuck in my head, brilliant.

I love the rewarding feeling of seeing what you’ve worked on up on a billboard, on the radio or seeing the bottom line increase for your client because of the work that you have project managed and produced. Its fab presenting a concept to a client and they get this little sparkle in their eyes and you know you’ve done a great job in presenting amazing work, even better when you tell the Art Director that their creative work is a “go”. All very rewarding. Most of all I love dealing with different types of people all day – from creative’s (wearing skater pants hanging off their asses in converse sneakers and an “I love Amsterdam” t-shirt), to the clients (in their smart Huge Boss corporate suits, ties and neatly ironed pin striped shirts), production, media, PR and so the list goes on. You tend to be like a chameleon on a Smartie box, cos this is what it takes to interact will with these different types of personalities. And I love that, muchos love it. What I don’t love is the culture, and this is my absolute worst, and this is a two way flow.

Now, you all know what I’m talking about, it happens in all sorts of jobs and I’m sure you can relate my peach.

The e-mail “cc” every Tom, Dick and Mohammed on every friggin’ e- mail – to cover your ass.

Yes, I understand that sometimes this has to be done, and it’s done. Fine. But puh-lease just pick up the phone and phone me, just sometimes!? Along with the whole comes the e-mail lingo. Again, I understand that in business you need to portray professionalism, but do we really need to write the following:

As per our telephonic conversation, or please find attached the schedule indicating the progress on the Muppet project post our meeting, dated 31st January 2011 held at… , kind regards, bla bla bla – fish paste! It’s ridiculous, right? Surely we don’t have to repeat this each and every time we send an e-mail? We don’t talk like that, so why do we write like that? We’re all guilty of these sins, yes – you included peach.

I also did not start working because I’m aspiring to be a speed typist (I HAD to start working to be independent, cover my rent and lifestyle – forced to work, born to shop). Ok, that’s not entirely true, I am a slight workaholic and I do love working. We spend all day long glued to our laptops and BlackBerry’s having to type out long, tedious e- mails, and this is just not ideal PICK UP THE PHONE PEOPLE! Or get in your car – I’ll meet you for lunch and we can talk shop, drink coffee and chain smoke (note to self: still need to give up smoking this year)! It’s just so much easier, and quicker! I’m all for quicker, at work at least.

I guess I have this vision for everyone to graduate from to 0800 MUPPET.

Rant over. Capiche.

Miss M x