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The Demise of Music in the 21st Century.

25 Sep

There I was on my way to gym at sparrows fart this morning and was listening to the radio, which I rarely do because of this very reason that I will be telling ranting to you about. In a row – Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and for all my sins One Direction songs were played. I immediately slapped in a Fleetwood Mac CD and was back in my happy place because surely no persons morning should start off like that?

Now, I have nothing against any of these artists I fucking hate One Direction mentioned above but it got me thinking – where are the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and Beatles of our generation, to only name a few of the great legends that our parentals would have been listening to? What will our kids be listening to as “golden oldies” when they are in their dirty 30’s? It’s a matter of serious concern my friends. Our generation is literally going to be responsible for the demise of great music purely because we are creating utter shit. We will be stuck listening to bubblegum pop with the likes of Bieber, Selena and I don’t even know the names of the rest of them turning out their “hits”.


Just out of interest I had a little browse around the interweb – on this day in 1968 Hey Jude by The Beatles was number 1 for 9 weeks in a row. In 2013, Miley Cyrus with Wrecking Ball is number 1. Now at this very point I could rest my case. But I won’t, because there is so much more to be said here. I’m not going to get into the whole Miley Cyrus debate because I don’t believe she deserves the time of day but case in point how you even compare the little teeny bopper musical efforts to that of legends like The Beatles. There is just no comparison.


I have the appreciation for music that I do because I was taught that by my Dad and we share the same love for rock. He loved music, would always have a bit of something epic blaring out of the record player (ouch, am I really that old?) and later on the CD player on a Sunday morning whilst the brekkie was being whipped up in the kitchen. He would casually pick up his guitar and strum along with the choons, literally having an appreciation for every beat – he was so passionate about great music and I am so glad that he was. I remember it as clear as day light and it’s moments like those that are absolutely priceless and you can never replace. We even have a video of us dancing around the house like total dorks to Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac when I was at University and were all a couple of glasses of red wine down!

ImageSo this begs the question – what will I be singing along to and playing in the house for my kids? Miley Cyrus!? Really? Is that what I will be left with. It cannot be and it won’t. We’ll need to keep listening to the great legends which I would never have a problem with but how sad that the musical talent of the 21st century is producing what they are and that we are supporting them, contributing to the demise of great music.

It’s an outrage. Rant over.

Miss M x


The DL – London & surrounds. Edinburgh. [Censored]

6 Dec

Right kids – I’m back from an utter whirlwind week in the UK. I’ve never been on so many trains, planes, tubes, cars, cabs etc in a week, thank God for iPods. What an insane trip – places to go, people to see. So here’s the Down Low. Now now, I will not share everything with you for absolute fear of judging. Some things are better left unsaid.

It’s always so amazing to see old friends. You know the kind of friends I’m talking about here – the one’s that when you see each other after a long time and it feels like you just saw them yesterday. Endless catching up, masses of laughs and pure good times. Love it – Boffy, Ricky Bee, G Dog – thanks my darlings for taking such good care of me.

So a few do’s and don’ts, according to moi.

London & surrounds

Do go to Floridita in Soho. Perfect venue for a razzle and couple of bevvies to catch up with mates. There’s a dancefloor downstairs if the night turns out to be one of those. Which it naturally did.

Don’t go to watch the play Blood Brothers. You will fall asleep like I did.

Don’t go to Oxford Street for shopping close to Christmas unless you have time to shop. It’s not a case of in and out. It’s rammed with people and can be super irritating if you’re in a rush. I nearly went outside of my mind.

Do go to Camden Lock Market and take a walk along the canal. Do not go to Camden Town Market. The Lock Market has so much more character. Mind the Chav’s though.

Do go to the English country side, Surrey, for a walk with friends and a well deserved pub lunch at The Dolphin afterwards.

Do go to the South of England, Bognor Regis, to see your beloved aunt for a good fat catch up.


Do go to Edinburgh. It is an INCREDIBLE city that is breathtakingly beautiful. I fell in love with it.

Do take a proper rain coat to Scotland. Not a coat. A RAIN coat. Brollies are useless too and will break in the space of 2 minutes. Otherwise you’ll end up with a street side special that is screaming pink and look like a total tool. As I did, out of pure desperation to stay dry. This is unfortunately the exact same jacket that I was sporting on the one rainy day. Absolute fashion FAIL!

Do walk as much as possible. You see so much more. Even if it’s raining. Suck it up and power on princess (pink jacket and all).

Do go to a bar / restaurant called Iglu in Edinburgh. Amazing cosy little spot that serves delicious wild, organic and local produce.

Do go to Babelon Cafe for heart shaped eggs. Loved this.

Do go to Greyfriars, a cosy little pub with the story about Bobby the Dog.

Do go to Edinburgh Castle. Try not to go in the rain if possible – you’ll freeze your tits off, as I did. There’s lot to see but my fav was the Crown Jewels (naturally, I love bling) and the War Memorial.

Don’t drink rum on a night out because you’re told “that’s what people drink in Edinburgh” and get totally vrot.

Do climb the 250 ridiculous stairs to the top of Scott Monument. Perfect 360 degree views of Edinburgh city. And Do take the G Dog with you for a complete run down of the city, could’ve sworn he was a tour guide as a side job.

Fabulous trip and so good to see all you lovely’s. Love it. Best get planning the next one.

Miss M x

Shark attack in Fish Hoek today.

28 Sep

So hectic. There I was just saying everyone should go to the beach today. Well, not so much anymore. Oopsie. Too many of shark attacks on the South African coast lately. Just a few months ago and man lost his life after being attacked by a shark in Plettenburg Bay on the Garden Route. Just a few hours ago another man has been attacked by a Great White shark in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. He’s apparently in critical condition and is probably going to have his right leg amputated and partially his left too. It’s so sad. Get a little teary eyed thinking about it. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. For constant updates on the situation go here –  This guy’s on it.

There’s video footage which shows this mahoosive shark in the water. Oh my GHAD. I’ve never ever been scared of the sea and even after an encounter with my own “not so little” shark here in the desert (yes, it really did happen people) I would still not be scared of it just because I love it so much. I think it’s a case of just being cautious. But this meneer of a shark looks HECTIC! Scared a little maybe!? MUCH!

Now, the commentary in the background is just my best. Belaglik ne. En ja poppie, ek dink dat die shark sal jou attack op jou kanoe. Take a watch.

All the best to the victim. Power on through pal.

Miss M x

NO COFFEE!? Excuse me, WHY!?

13 Apr

So I’m quite excited to be participating in THE NO COFFEE PROJECT at work today. Um, not quite. Not since I have spent the last 3 nights glued to my TV watching “ex oh ex oh” Gossip Girl until stupid o’clock in the morning on school nights. Stooopid girl. Stooopid.

OK but jokes aside – I am excited. Here’s what it’s all about. Imagine if all of the TBWA offices globally gave up coffee for a day and what they would have spent on coffee they give to charity. Now just let me explain this. for a minute This is a MAHOOSIVE ask. Advertising peeps drink the stuff that is caffeine by the gallons. I however, have given it up and drink rooibos tea instead. So good. But still, after late nights in the office or hangover mornings I will definitely suck back on a Starbucks cuppa. Over and above this we purchased T-shirts and badges and that cash will go to the charity too.

This is where I get really excited!!! The charity is Room 13. Room 13 is a network of art students around South Africa and children run it. They run it as their own business. They don’t just learn creative skills, but also life skills and business skills. Little tear in my eye, obviously so close to my heart because it’s my beloved country and I am so Proudly South African, it’s a joke. This Saffa lurves her country much!

How do you not LURVE this country. Home sick – bleh!

OK so other than no coffee after too much Gossip Girl, a slight fashion malfunction to work with the t-shirt today (which I’ve tried to spruce up with a cardi and funky head band) I’m excited! We’ve given up something we can’t live without for children who live with nothing.


Miss M x

Okku Dubai – just fabulous!

10 Jan

So… the back end of 2010 saw me on a plane and up to Dubai for the weekend to bring in 2011. Many a weekends are spent up in Dubai purely because it is ever so close (45 minute flight) and the city is just incredible. It almost gives me that sense of “normality”, however you choose to define normality in the Middle East. Bringing in the New Year in style, I was off to Dubai with 2010 behind me!

Dubai - amaze!

To prove that the city is just amaze and has all the fabulosity that a chica could ever need, I headed out with my lovely girlfriends for dinner at Okku in the Monarch Hotel. One word comes to mind – FABULOUS!

The ever so lush Monarch Hotel

Okku offers a new style of contemporary Japanese cuisine, set in a stylish restaurant with the “who’s who” in Dubai seated next to you. The food, especially the sushi, is original and interesting and the taste sensations literally explode in your mouth. The service (and cuteness of waiters) deserves an 11 out of 10 and the vibe that carries through out the restaurant is electric, with a DJ playing some mellow music overlooking the diners . For fellow smokers, never fear – the bar area offers a smoking section… thank GAWD (Note to self: need to give up smoking this year – yuk!)



After feasting on the amazing food, the restaurant turns into a stylish partaaay! Tables are turned into bottle service of Grey Goose voddies or whatever your heart so desires, the energy flows through out the venue with the DJ spinning awesome tunes and many a bevvie is to be consumed whilst dancing the night away.


All in all, it safe to say that Okku is one of my favourite night’s out in Dubai. For anyone in Dubai, or planning a visit – make sure you head to this stylish and fabulous restaurant. Check out out –

Love food. Love life. Love Okku.

Enjoy peaches!

Miss M x