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Valentines Shmalentines

12 Feb

It’s that time of year again, the time where you walk into the malls and I have to hold myself back from vomming a little bit in my mouth at the little teddy bears saying “Be my Valentine”, tacky plastic red roses, heart shaped chocolates in shiny red tin foil, shiny helium balloons saying “I love you” and so forth and so forth. It’s all just a bit too much for me. The tack, the cheese and at the point I would be saying, “Valentines Shamlentines, it’s just so commercial”. And it is.

Oh no I just can’t bare to even look at this tack!

Romance is amaze, and I love it, but this kinda thing is just not romance. It’s a day of the year where retailers absolutely exploit love for commercial reasons. Eeeuuww. How dare they!? I take offense to that. But then what do you do for Valentines Shmalentines Day? You can’t not do anything. God forbid you don’t, your missus will be peeesed off, or would she? And is it only about doing something for the lady friend? I think not. I think it’s about doing something together. It’s not about going out for dinner and sitting amongst hoards of other people packed in like sardines paying hiked up prices for a dinner out and doing exactly the same thing as every other couple – bleh, getting red roses (not such a fan, so clichéd) and bla bla bla boring. Why should you do these things on this one day of the year because society dictates that you should?

I skipped 4 years back to my school days (yes, I’m still in my early twenties, thank you very much) and remembered Valentine’s Day back then. I went to an all girl’s school (biaaatch festation pool more like it) and our brother school was able to send us plastic red roses (revolt). So there you were, on Valentine’s Day waiting for a stupid red rose from a boy at school. How cruel! Thank goodness I had a boyfriend and I was guaranteed of getting a red rose – tick. But what about the girl in the corner that had never spoken to a guy in her life? How cruel to watch everyone else getting crappy plastic red roses. At the time we thought it was fab, and you’d strut around with your stupid plastic red roses. Thinking back now – how awful!? How do school’s allow this? Outraged! And that’s not the end of it, this was followed up with a school disco social on the Friday night with slow dancing and everything. Oh dear Lord. Cringe factor.

Was this us!?

Back to the point, I’ve decided that instead of the tack, you should do something; it is the day for love after all. In saying that, if you love someone you shouldn’t forget about the other 364 days of the year. You can’t just do something on Shmalentines Day and the romance box is ticked for the year – no no, just not cool my peach. So I thought about what I’d like, extravagance and low key wise. What about a couples golf lessons – how nice is that? And finish off with a bottle of crisp white Sauvignon Blanc and light lunch at the swank Club House afterwards. Or what about a hot air balloon trip? OK OK, I admit that this might be a little cheesy but I think it’s awesome. Abseiling off Table Mountain? And on the low key side instead of tacky red roses, give him or her their favourite flowers. Like an Orchid or Tulips. How pretty! And it’s perfectly acceptable to give guys flowers; I think it’s quite nice. Even just sharing your fav bottle of red vino together – perfect. I just don’t think it’s something to make a big song and dance you know, and it doesn’t even have to be on the day for me as long as you’re together. It should be – “we’re doing something fun together because we can, oh and by the way, happy Shmalentines day for whenever that was”.

That’s it, my 2 cents worth on Shmalentines day. Dare I say it, Happy Shmalentines for the 14th (cringe / slight shiver / little vom).

Miss M x