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15 Mar

I met up with some girlfriend’s for lunch today. Right at the end of lunch, this amaze story crept out of the woodwork. Amaze.

This chica, let’s call her The Petite Ox, was in Dubai on the weekend. She got chatting to an Ozzie guy (Lord alone knows why, I’m not too much of an Ozzie fan myself). Banter’s good, few drinks later and getting their vibe on he lunges in goes for a little snog. Score. He was cute, keen and had good banter – so why not!?

AND THEN, he turned around, and although he looked perfectly cute from the front, from the back, he had a mahoosive bald patch!? Really!? Not what was expected. Instant fail. Now don’t get me wrong here. Bald men can be uber hot. Please see exhibit A:

Jason, you can stay.

And now for my personal fav, please see exhibit B:

Swedish footballer Freddie Ljunberg

And he does a bit of CK modeling on the side too, just to keep busy

Sadly for The Petite Ox, her Ozzie man was nothing like Statham or so hot right now, Freddie. He was more of a Friar Tuck hairline front end:

And bald at the back. I kinda have this vision in my head:

The worst is, her friend’s were baiting her to snog him again. Nice one. Mates.

Don’t worry sweetie, next time you’ll snog a belter.

Maybe business at the front, party at the back will be more acceptable.Not Baldy-locks.

Miss M x