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Dream house shopping. 100 million Saffa Ronds. Pah.

18 Apr

I was dream house shopping today, as one does, and I couldn’t resist the urge to share with you the little treasures I found. This house hunt came about only because The Gorgeous Geronky (The GG as she will now be known as) was all about PAM GOLDING at a braai the other night, hilarious. So I popped onto Aunty Pam’s website, just to say howzit to the old lass. Dream house shopping is one of my favourite past times, the 2nd being people watching. I have purchased houses in London, Bali, South Africa, South of France – all over the world really. So, I decided to add another little gem to my dream portfolio of property today. Aaaaannnddd GO!

At 1st I thought, be realistic, look at some apartments on the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, South Africa – the obvious address – that you would actually buy. Maybe it is time to grow up and buy something, um, maybe not. Well, this just didn’t cut the mustard peaches.

Before I knew it I chose this:

Cosmo’s and bubbly lounging around the pool for a summer pool party whilst we lie around be fabulous. I think yes!

As if one choice wasn’t enough I chose a 2nd. Sigh.

Please top up my Pimms daaahling and pass me a cucumber sandwich whilst I frolick around in my white summer dress and over sized Chanel sunglasses. Definitely!

Anyone got a spare 110 million Saffa Ronds floating around. But seriously – have you EVER!? Oh my hat.

Time to pull myself towards myself and finish writing this creative brief. Sigh.

Miss M x