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Life’s a Beach – watch this immediately!

25 Jul

Chris Stear (aka Oafie) you little biscuit! Oafs is a friend that I used to toddle around in nappies with along with his triplet siblings and older boet. Our folks all used to braai and drink beers together back in the day and we’re all still in touch. He is literally living the dream now and Earth Touch are documenting it – the life we all secretly wish we had instead of being stuck in our daily desk jobs. Chris is living the ultimate “beach bum” lifestyle in Mozambique. After watching the trailer and the 1st episode of Life’s a Beach it was so awesome to see that happy smiley Oafie face again! It’s been too long  my friend!

The Good times at Theewaters.

Ponta d’Ouro – Mozambique

Watch the trailer and to read more on the show:

And the 1st episode:

Brilliant, love it! Sign up, like it, watch it, share it, tweet etc to support Chris. I think a little rendezvous in Ponta will be on the cards very soon!

Go on you good thing you!

Miss M x


The 3 Peaks 24 Hour Challenge, the “C” word and making a difference.

28 Feb

So there The Accomplice and I were, bantering along as we do, and he was telling me about his mates that are going to be doing The 3 Peaks 24 Hour Challenge. As usual – I jumped in and asked about 20 000 questions, what’s that, where, who, how etc before he even has the chance carry on with his story. Turns out it’s walking, and traveling between, the highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) ALL WITHIN 24 HOURS. “Now THAT, my friend, is just ridik” I bleated.

Ben Nevis - So like this but TIMES THREE.

But there’s more. They’re doing it to raise money for Brain Tumour UK. Yes people, the “C” word. And we all know how much I despise this word and disease, we’ve had this conversation before my lovely. Having lost my Dad to cancer just over a year ago I know how heart breaking and difficult it is to have family and friends fighting this disease so I fully support any effort for anyone who tries to make a difference. So The Accomplice suggested I post this to my blog to help with donations, and of course I would. I most certainly do not think that it is ridiculous – I think the amazing effort that this group of friends is making is just incredible.

I read Craig’s story today on his donations page and his sister, Suzanne, has a brain tumour. I know how difficult it is seeing someone you love so much live and fight cancer and her story broke my heart – what a true fighter. It’s all fair and well to read these things, but if we don’t do something to change it and make people’s quality of life better, well, we’ll keep reading stories. Which is unacceptable.

So bottom line – pull your little Visa card out and DONATE. It takes a few minutes and is super easy. I don’t ask too much of you and I’m asking you so nicely to help make a difference and support Craig.

Here’s the link where you can donate and read about Suzanne’s brave journey –

Good luck to the team doing it. You’ll SMASH it.

Miss M x

Birthday present for me!? Why Elton you just shouldn’t have.

27 Feb

Just stop what you’re doing right now and focus here for a minute. I’m being serious people.

You know, Sir Elton John called me up this morning and said, “Mel, just for your up and coming birthday in March I will come and perform live in Abu Dhabi. Just for you.” Gushing profusely I exclaimed, “oh why Elton how awfully kind of you, you just shouldn’t have”. But really, he should. And is.

Absolute legend - Sir Elton John.

Actually, it was the super informed Scottish Lass that messaged me this morning with this amazing news that Sir Elton John will be performing live in Abu Dhabi at the YAS Arena, Yas Island on Thursday 29th March. I’m ecstatic. I’m already singing and chair dancing right now, as we speak, to all my fav’s – Rocket Man, Bennie and the Jets, Tiny Dancer – could actually just carry on forever here. This is just the best news ever.

Can NOT wait.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but watch for details.

Um sorry, Madonna who!?

Miss M x

Cape Town – best destination 2012 in the whole wide world.

29 Jan

Well, personally I think it’s the best destination forever and ever amen! Not just 2012. It’s no secret that I love South Africa, love Cape Town even more and will take any opportunity to show my beautiful country off so of course I’m going to share this good news with you. Trip Advisor have named Cape Town as the best destination in the world (according to traveler reviews) just beating Sydney. I won’t go on about how ecstatic I am at this point, but you know what I’m talking about. Just love it. 

Home is where the heart is.

You can read about it here –

Now listen nicely – if you haven’t been, you should. I can never say enough about this beautiful city that I can luckily call home but you will only know what I am so in love with if you go there, breathe it all in and experience it for yourself.

Proudly South African, again and again.

Miss M x


Laughter. Food for the soul.

4 Jan

I think it might just be my favourite thing to do. Laugh that is. I am also not one to laugh politely under my breath in a lady like manner. Oh puh-lease now. I personally think that a deserving laugh should come right from the depth of your tummy and be belted out. This is best achieved by laughing with friends. I have 2 friends in particular – The Bestie from China and Scottish Lass – and we all 3 pretty much cackle in the same way. I’d love to get all 3 of us together as the 2 of them have not met each other. There really is just nothing better than making people laugh and laughing with good mates.

Anywho, if you can’t just create your own laughter (shame) I have some suggestions for you which has left me roaring out with laughter lately, both introduced to me by the ever fabulous Scottish Lass. I’m not really one to watch loads of TV but I do like watching good series when I come across them. These 2 are MUST’s.

Enter Miranda Hart from the series Miranda. 

Miranda Hart from "Miranda"


Do yourself a favour and just watch this series. She is the most awkward, tallest, clumsiest human being ever, the comedy is rather silly but hysterically funny. Her trot is my absolute best and Scottish Lass and I have even resorted to doing it ourselves and the screaming with laughter after a little trot. I know, we’re a mare.

The next is Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad.

Karl Pilkington from "An Idiot Abroad"


I’ve only just started watching this series but already think it’s AMAZE. This man is just SO miserable! Just look at his face! And Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the producers, send him off to the most obscure places in the world purposefully trying to piss him off even more by crazy adventures. Some would call this a dream come true to travel the world. Oh, not Karl, he is so unimpressed by it all. He is seriously so sour and his face just shows his utter disgust all the time and this cracks me up the most, especially when he says, “are they having a laugh”. Crisis it’s hilarious.

Happy laughing! You can thank me later.

Miss M x

Little Bronwyn Truter’s story made me stop to think.

15 Nov

I just heard the most heart breaking, yet moving story on Highveld on the Breakfast Xpresss and decided to do something about it. Well, as much as I can do. Yes, I live in the desert darlings but listening to Saffa radio gets me through a part of my day. Keeps you close to your roots, ya know – and I have to keep my eye on the old Republic.

It’s about a little girl, Bronwyn Truter. She fell into a coma after being diagnosed with severe insulin dependent diabetes type 1 in 2010. From being diagnosed, to being resuscitated back to life, to her parents being told to say their goodbye’s and refusing to so moving her to another hospital… and the story just goes on and on – it’s been a long and traumatic road for this family. After three months in a coma, she suffered cardiac arrest, impaired vision and sustained brain damage to her right frontal lobe. I mean, this is an 8 year old little girl that has gone through all of this trauma and still is, a year later. What a little fighter. Just breaks my heart and I cannot imagine what her parents must be going through seeing this happening to their daughter.

So – 94.7 Highveld Stereo has their Christmas Wishlist every year. A company called Interactive Technologies ( responded to Bronwyn’s wishlist in 2010 by pledging R 100 000 and have continued to support her during 2011 with an additional R 200 000 in financial support. What an amazing company. There are other companies that have also got involved which is fabulous. She is at home but requires 24 hour medical care and is constantly fighting for her life. I don’t think I can even comprehend what her medical bills must me. I am sure extortionate.

Bottom line – she needs help. And you can do something to help. This is what her wishlist is, check it out on Interactive Technologies website:

I got in touch with Jeanne from Interactive Technologies to see how a person can go about helping her. Every little bit helps people, so you can either donate an item from her list or donate money towards her wishlist. No amount is too small and her gratitude towards me blew me away. If you want to get involved contact Jeanne Sandras at or +27 83 609 8861. She will be able to provide you with further information or bank details.

This story really made me sit back for a second and realize that when you’re having the kakkest day it really is NOT all that bad and we should really be grateful for our healthy lives. If someone had to ask me what my wishlist was, well, it would be Louboutins, Tiffany jewelry, 2 week family trip to Bora Bora, Audi A1 and all random materialistic things that really don’t count for much – how shallow, I’m actually embarrassed! This little girls list is literally one to save her life.

Go on. One less night on the town during the silly season could help save a little life. Diabetes is serious. And I take it seriously because a very special someone too close too my heart lives with it every day.

Get involved kids. I know you want to.

Miss M x

Grant Ross. Men’s Health cover. The obvious choice.

4 Sep

Chicks – stop what you’re doing right this minute and listen to me. You will thank me later. I promise.

Guys – just pay attention.

I would like to introduce you to Grant Ross.


And no you silly tarts, this is not some random model I’ve knicked off the latest Dolce and Gabana advertising campaign. Although I can most certainly see how you would think so. So you’re excused.

Grant is a friend that has entered the Men’s Health cover competition. So, we’re going to help him to win my peaches! Who wouldn’t want to see his face on the front cover. Plus, he is the perfect role model with a clean cut lifestyle that is just the perfect fit for Men’s Health.

It’s an obvious choice that he should win in my opinion, but to win we need to vote for him. So here’s what you need to do. Please. I ask so nicely.

So easy. Just do it.

Good luck hun! Looking forward to seeing you on the cover! And ladies, if you behave I might give you his phone number. Maybe.

Miss M x

Dream house shopping. 100 million Saffa Ronds. Pah.

18 Apr

I was dream house shopping today, as one does, and I couldn’t resist the urge to share with you the little treasures I found. This house hunt came about only because The Gorgeous Geronky (The GG as she will now be known as) was all about PAM GOLDING at a braai the other night, hilarious. So I popped onto Aunty Pam’s website, just to say howzit to the old lass. Dream house shopping is one of my favourite past times, the 2nd being people watching. I have purchased houses in London, Bali, South Africa, South of France – all over the world really. So, I decided to add another little gem to my dream portfolio of property today. Aaaaannnddd GO!

At 1st I thought, be realistic, look at some apartments on the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, South Africa – the obvious address – that you would actually buy. Maybe it is time to grow up and buy something, um, maybe not. Well, this just didn’t cut the mustard peaches.

Before I knew it I chose this:

Cosmo’s and bubbly lounging around the pool for a summer pool party whilst we lie around be fabulous. I think yes!

As if one choice wasn’t enough I chose a 2nd. Sigh.

Please top up my Pimms daaahling and pass me a cucumber sandwich whilst I frolick around in my white summer dress and over sized Chanel sunglasses. Definitely!

Anyone got a spare 110 million Saffa Ronds floating around. But seriously – have you EVER!? Oh my hat.

Time to pull myself towards myself and finish writing this creative brief. Sigh.

Miss M x

NO COFFEE!? Excuse me, WHY!?

13 Apr

So I’m quite excited to be participating in THE NO COFFEE PROJECT at work today. Um, not quite. Not since I have spent the last 3 nights glued to my TV watching “ex oh ex oh” Gossip Girl until stupid o’clock in the morning on school nights. Stooopid girl. Stooopid.

OK but jokes aside – I am excited. Here’s what it’s all about. Imagine if all of the TBWA offices globally gave up coffee for a day and what they would have spent on coffee they give to charity. Now just let me explain this. for a minute This is a MAHOOSIVE ask. Advertising peeps drink the stuff that is caffeine by the gallons. I however, have given it up and drink rooibos tea instead. So good. But still, after late nights in the office or hangover mornings I will definitely suck back on a Starbucks cuppa. Over and above this we purchased T-shirts and badges and that cash will go to the charity too.

This is where I get really excited!!! The charity is Room 13. Room 13 is a network of art students around South Africa and children run it. They run it as their own business. They don’t just learn creative skills, but also life skills and business skills. Little tear in my eye, obviously so close to my heart because it’s my beloved country and I am so Proudly South African, it’s a joke. This Saffa lurves her country much!

How do you not LURVE this country. Home sick – bleh!

OK so other than no coffee after too much Gossip Girl, a slight fashion malfunction to work with the t-shirt today (which I’ve tried to spruce up with a cardi and funky head band) I’m excited! We’ve given up something we can’t live without for children who live with nothing.


Miss M x Seriously amaze.

16 Mar

So I’ve come across this site on Twitter (yes, I know, I’m a Twitter lunatic). Anyways, what a GREAT concept! Love it!

It’s a site that is all about getting great deals. Obviously – Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Just to really understand how amaze this site is, the current deal is:

A 1 hour authentic Thai oil massage for 180 bucks. Seriously, 180 Saffa Ronds. That’s it! Incredible.

So how it works is that you pop onto the site, select your city, select your fabulous deal and buy a coupon from the site. You can do this by credit card or even direct transfer (EFT)and there a few other options here including prepaid Dealio cash, so no excuses peaches! A minimum amount of people need to buy the deal in order for you to redeem it. So this is where you need to get involved and post it to Facebook, Twitter or e-mail it directly to your lovely friends. Once enough people have opted in you receive an e-mail saying the deal is ON, you print your coupon and off you trot for some micro lighting, massage or whichever fabulous deal you have bought. If no one buys, you get your moola back. Simple.

Unfortunately I don’t live in South Africa at the moment to take at advantage of these ridiculously huge savings that should SO be taken advantage of! It’s a sin not to! And you can all thank me in prepaid Dealio cash, thank you kindly!

Saffa friends get involved, at least for my sake please. I beg.

Miss M x