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No sleep for the wicked.

14 Mar

It’s been a while. Yes, I have missed you too. Life has been super busy yet ridiculously good. I won’t get into a full on report of what has been going on because unlike some people on Facecloth, no one really cares that much about what you’re doing every 2 seconds of your life, where you are or what it looks like there. But. Just a few things from this week.

I just love concerts. Well, concerts by amazing artists. You would not get me to Madonna if someone paid me to go. Snow Patrol however performed in town on Sunday night. Yes it was a school night. No I didn’t care. They were absolutely amazing. They are one of my favourite bands and they most certainly did not disappoint. Having them in our back yard was such a treat. One great thing about watching concerts in Muscat is that it is always in a small venue which means no que to the bar, toilets, to get in, out – in fact just no waiting in ques at all – which could possibly be my worst activity because of my impatience problem. But it is just so easy. And we like easy. Complicated is just no use.

Snow Patrol

I then found myself at a rather cultural event on Monday night. The Ibuyambo Ensemble were performing at the Al Felaij Castle Theatre.

Now a few reasons why I went.

1. They’re from South Africa. This one’s a no brainer.

Ibuyambo Ensemble

2. The performance is in a castle and takes place in an outdoor ampitheatre. Quite novel hey? Yes, I thought so myself.

Al Felaij Castle

3. My client is the power behind all of these performances, so you know the rest.

These guys started out busking on the streets in Cape Town and have now performed from Canada to China including performances at the Edinburgh Festival and Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Concert at Wembley Stadium. They were brilliant. It was just so incredible to have a little taste of home in the desert. The Gumboot dancers were my best – reminded me of being at Gold Reef City as a kid. 

Here’s some Gumboot dancers in Camps Bay in Cape Town, in front of what looks like Caprice on a perfect Cape Town summers day. The good life.

Performance in the ampitheatre

Proudly South African, again and again.

And after a superb week  the weekend is staring at me square in the FACE, already. A few things in the calendar that I simply just can’t wait for – My barfday weekend coming up, Dubai and can’t wait to see Scottish Lass, Elton John and nearly nearly time to head back to the Motherland for a holiday. This is the highlight, of course. Can . Not . Wait . 

Now you go have yourself a cracker one too.


Miss M x


Birthday present for me!? Why Elton you just shouldn’t have.

27 Feb

Just stop what you’re doing right now and focus here for a minute. I’m being serious people.

You know, Sir Elton John called me up this morning and said, “Mel, just for your up and coming birthday in March I will come and perform live in Abu Dhabi. Just for you.” Gushing profusely I exclaimed, “oh why Elton how awfully kind of you, you just shouldn’t have”. But really, he should. And is.

Absolute legend - Sir Elton John.

Actually, it was the super informed Scottish Lass that messaged me this morning with this amazing news that Sir Elton John will be performing live in Abu Dhabi at the YAS Arena, Yas Island on Thursday 29th March. I’m ecstatic. I’m already singing and chair dancing right now, as we speak, to all my fav’s – Rocket Man, Bennie and the Jets, Tiny Dancer – could actually just carry on forever here. This is just the best news ever.

Can NOT wait.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but watch for details.

Um sorry, Madonna who!?

Miss M x

Four Phantoms and Nicole Scherzinger.

11 Feb

Now I’m going to tell you a little secret, and that is that I won’t even deny for one second that I have an obscene love for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Phantom of the Opera. I love the theatre in general but I particularly like this show. I think I 1st fell in love with it at the silly age of 6 when I 1st saw it at the theatre and since then twice again. It’s probably one of the best musical scores ever written, according to moi.

I then came across this on You Tube the other day (all comments and judgement are best kept to yourself at this point thank you kindly). Nicole Scherzinger as Christine and 4 of the most acclaimed Phantoms in the history of theatre (the one with the beard is particularly soft on the eye, good choice Andrew). At first I was very apprehensive. Not of the Phantoms – they’ve all earned their stripes – but Nicole…really!? What is Nicole doing singing the role of Christine at the Royal Variety Performance in December last year? I just struggled to see the connection and wondered who the hell chose her?

Nicole as Christine!? Struggling to see it.

Well now my peach, you just reserve your judgement. You will be just as shocked as I was. I think she’s possibly one of the hottest woman on the face of the earth, but sing opera!? I’ve just always put her in that “Pussy Cat Dolls” “stripper” that can only “shaky bon bon” kinda box. Head out the gutter now puh-lease. AND SHE’S NOT. Just watch this. Strap yourself into your chair otherwise you ARE going to fall off it backwards from pure shock.

Yusses, she owns it and is seriously talented. I’ll even go out a nerd tangent here and say she’s WAY better than Sarah Brightman and definitely not an eye sore like Sarah Brightman. I feel a little bad now for having such low expectations of her in this performance. You and I can now be friends again after you slammed Rachel Crow on X-Factor. You might actually know what you’re talking about. Kudo’s. 

Oh, and I’m not really a nerd. It’s called culture people. So there.

Miss M x

Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House, daaahling.

7 Jan

So one night that I just have to tell you about was going to see Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake performed by the Mariinsky Ballet Company. I was lucky enough to be able to go and see this at the new Royal Opera House that has opened in Muscat just before the end of the year. Now 2 reasons why it was extremely important that I went.

Reason 1: They have been building this Opera House since I moved to Oman, which was three and a half years ago. Yes, THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO. I lie not. It was already in progress when I got here so anything that has taken 4 years to build is worth me taking time out of my schedule and penciling in a little rendezvous to see what the friggin’ hell took so long. It just must be brilliant.

Reason 2: I love ballets! What girl doesn’t!? And whilst the Mariinsky Ballet is in town, best I trot on down to the Opera House and take full advantage of this opportunity to see a world class performance. It’s all very posh mind you. So I had to put on a frock and mind myself by behaving. You know, shoulders back, good posture, use of the word daaaahling etceteraaa etceteraaa etceteraaa (said in posh tone) And boooiya I fitted right in.

So there we were, Scuba VH, The Queen of Bubbles and moi – VIP seats and all. If you’re going to do something, do it right. The Queen of Bubbles is of course the one to credit for our “oh so posh” seats.  Thanks my friend. 1st of all the Opera House is absolutely incredible. The architecture and attention to every detail on the interior is out of this world and completely exceeded my expectations.  The only negative is that you can’t sip on a glass of bubbly before the performance and during the many intervals as none is served. It’s coffee in rank paper cups, bottles of water or juice. Just doesn’t cut the mustard when you’re standing in one of the most beautifuls building I have ever been in. Never mind. We’re not there for a bevvie, we’re there for a cultural experience. So, moving along swiftly.

Then the ballet itself was breath taking. What these ballerina’s can do with their bodies is actually beyond me. It was just so beautiful and I found myself really drawn into the performance. When she’s sad, you’re sad. When she’s happy, you’re smiling. I loved the orchestra accompanying the performance and acoustics are brilliant. The music playfully swirls around and fills whole auditorium whilst the dancers flutter around the stage as light as feathers.

I’m not going to go into the whole break down of the performance as I could carry on forever. Of course the actual lake scene was my best and is just so dramatic – which naturally I love.

The new calendar is out – for bookings. You can also “Like” them on Facebook here – and follow them on Twitter here – @ROH_Muscat to stay up to speed with the latest performances and news.

Best you go, daaaahling. You won’t be disappointed.

Miss M x

30 Seconds to Mars on camels!?

21 Feb

I nearly platsed when I heard 30 SECONDS TO MARS were coming to the Middle East, just nearly. They’re going to be playing in Abu Dhabi on the 11th of March and just this week it was announced that they would be in Muscat, Oman too on the 10th of March.

Now I am an avid fan! I LOVE this rock band. Hard rockers seem to have their doubtful opinions on them, but just shush your pie hole and keep them to yourselves please. They’re awesome! I’m sure that the majority of the music will be from their “This is War” album (which is mostly what is being played on HiFM Radio at the moment), however, I tweeted Jared and he said he’ll include some of my fav’s from their “A Beautiful Lie” album. Fab, sorted.

Lastly I’d like to be a real chica and shmooze over the fact that Jared Leto will be in town. Oooeefff, he’s just so hot, so sexy right now.

Wowza, need to pull myself towards myself here.

Nothing has been mentioned on ticket sales, venues etc. just that they will be in Muscat on the 10th of March. Best to get your tweet on and follow them on Twitter @30SECONDSTOMARS or follow HiFM @hifmradio.

Shotgun Jared.

Miss M x