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“Taking it Easy” by Andy Fenner. AND MY SISTER IS FEATURED.

28 Jul

It’s one of these absolute proud moments where I actually think my heart is going to burst with pride, love and over the top excitement. I’m not much of a crier, but right now, I am reaching for the tissues. And this is why.

Andy Fenner chose 20 of his favourite chefs and foodies around South Africa. My sister, Vanessa Marx, is one of them! The approach that he took was to showcase them in his book called “Taking it Easy” cooking for their friends and families, highlighting their individual style in their own personal environments.

“Taking it Easy” by Andy Fenner

So Ness had all her nearest and dearest around for her birthday last year and cooked them up a storm, as she does. I won’t go into detail as to what she did because you need to buy the book! Let’s just say there has been so much anticipation with family and friends to see the book and it’s finally here.

Some behind the scenes footage

A glimpse at the result

I need to get hold of the little tart, who is currently roaming Spain and France on a very well deserved holiday – no doubt getting loads of inspiration from her travels, so that I can eeek out loud like a child and tell her how much I love her.

I am so proud of you little one, again and again. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

Miss M x


Cupcake heaven. Nom nom nom.

8 Jan

I’ve never really baked to be honest. I love cooking, but never quite done the baking thing. The furthest I ever got to baking was a Saffa milk start, which doesn’t really count because it’s more of a cold tart! I always thought baking was quite Dora, like something your granny does. This has now all changed and it most certainly is not Dora. I’ve found my inner granny and have decided to bake. I would actually rather like to refer to baking as being a Domestic Goddess. Yes, I think so.

Scottish Lass gave me some baking goodies for Christmas so I decided to test them out last night. So there I was, all ready to kick off and took the new scale I bought out of the box to start. It was broken. Obviously. FAIL! So I was not about to give up… I thought I would just guesstimate. I have heard people saying never estimate quantities of the ingredients when baking. Ya ya well, what do they know, I’m the boss here. So, I powered on.

And this was my result! Hello Domestic granny GODDESS!

Nom nom nom.

Need a little practice on the icing skills and more variety in food colour and things to make them look pretty, but The Accomplice promised to sort this out for me from Qatar as there is absolute bogger all in the shops here. So I thought I would share this recipe with ya’ll because it is so damn easy and utterly delish. If I can get it right, anyone can. Trust me. It’s from a gorgeous bakery in Scotland that Scottish Lass told me about – Bibi’s Bakery – and their cakes look amaze! Follow the link to cupcake heaven!

Go on, be an effortless Domestic Goddess!

Miss M x