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Harvey Nic’s gets it so right.

7 Dec

Harvey Nichols is bang on by turning a Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride this Christmas. Love it. And it’s making some serious turns on all social media platforms.

They then encourage you to go and share your walk of shame on using #walkofshame. Um, I think not.

Nearly Christmas time peaches!

Miss M x


Eat my shorts

17 Jul

Scottish lass was at the pool last week and posted to her Facebook status that some muppet had turned up in a Speedo. A fact completely deserving of my lovely friends status, as people like that should be named and shamed – and I quote “Seriously when will people get it??! Speedos are not and never will be acceptable!” Unquote.  Middle aged men, in fact, any man in a Speedo begs the question… WHY!? Honestly, you are an eye sore to society and we would rather you and your banana hammock strut off home and hibernate yourself puh-lease.

Totally unacceptable.

Totally acceptable.

Because it’s Ryk Neethling and it’s for competing purposes. That’s the only reason. Promise.

 Now I won’t be a complete biaaatch. I will offer you a solution to your sad fashion choice.  Ya ya, you can thank me later.

Santos and I went down to the Al Bustan Palace Hotel a little while ago for lunch and for a purchase of Vilebrequin swimming shorts. This Brand hails from Saint Tropez on the French Riviera. What I love about them is that when you buy this Brand, you buy the trendy and chic elegance that is demanded along with your shorts.

“On the beaches of Saint-Tropez, the new swim trunks are an overnight success. Practical and comfortable, colourful and très chic, a trend is launched, a new brand is born.”

Vilebrequin website –

So there we were, with the difficult task choosing one fabulous pair of shorts. Many were tried on. Many opinions were asked from myself and of the lovely Omani shop assistant, who was blushing and giggling away – probably because she had never seen so much of manly hood in all her life, never mind in the space of 10 minutes. My 1st choice were these, but the size was too big (dammit):

Santos chose these. The man knows what he’s on about with label, colour and t-shirt selection to go with the shorts.

He did beat The Accomplice to the shop which resulted in a very quick drive down to the Al Bustan the next day so that they could frolick around The Chedi for the weekend together at the pool, drink in hand,  in their shorts being fabulous (along with every other man who was bang on trend in the same Brand of shorts, but let’s not get into that – touchy subject).

SO much of fabulous choice.

They do come with a price tag. But peaches, you can’t put a price on style. And I will not accept any excuse for a man in a Speedo. (Except Ryk).

Not now. Not ever.

Miss M x

H & F… F for Fail!

19 Feb

On Friday I was walking around the mall with Scottish Lass after a delish lunch of quiche and banana smoothies at Lime Tree in Dubai. We popped into H&M to buy some new head bands (we both have this sick obsession with head bands and H&M has some great one’s). So we were looking around the hair accessories area and I came across this:

It can’t be. It’s a fail. Scrunchies are not making a come back.They’re just not.

I was traumatized standing there with an actual Scrunchie in my hand. The longer I stood there and stared blankly at them, the harder Scottish Lass and I cackled at the fact that there were actual real life Scrunchie’s in the shop.

I’m putting it down to a new intern Buyer at H&M that came to work with a fat hangover one day and somehow these slipped through to the shelves. And even if they are making a come back I would not be caught wearing one. Not now, not EVER!

Shame on you H&M, this is devastating to say the least.

Miss M x