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2 Enthusiastic thumbs up to Nike. Again. Even if it’s football related.

28 May

Nike’s launched a new interactive football YouTube ad on their Nike Football channel. Now, it’s no secret that I’m not much of a football fan but this caught my attention because of what I do on a daily basis to fund my fun and pay some bills.  And I really do love working in this industry. These guys have got it so right. Again. Obviously their budgets are beyond ridiculous and they must throw some serious moola  at their Ad agency to develop this amazing kind of communication. But, blown away by it is a severe understatement. It’s interactive. It’s right in your face. And it works. 

Check it out on the link below. There are apparently 9 tunnels so be quick off the mark to click away and explore it all because it is seriously jam packed with stuffs.

And no, I will not tell you what my Football IQ was in the Football Brain tunnel. Um, I think not.

Miss M x


Nike + Fuelband. And Oman in their video. We like.

11 Apr

The Marketing cats over at Nike have just got it so right. Or let me rephrase. Nike’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy have got it so right for Nike. I’ve never really thought much of Nike to be honest. Yes – Just Do It and the swoosh is good and we can’t argue with that. Kudo’s. But the current brand positioning  itself – not so much. I could be talking out of turn here but I think they’ve fallen behind the likes of Adidas and Reebok in recent times but that of course is just my perception and opinion. I have not seen any solid communication from Nike in the Middle East that has caught my attention but maybe people here don’t like to Just Do It   this is not their target audience!? Uh – hum. Adidas is my vibe. I buy the brand. Wear the brand. Love the brand and am loyal to it. But. That might just have all changed.

Nike + Fuelband recently launched to the market. It’s a band that you wear on your wrist that measures your daily activity and tracks each step and calories burned – NikeFuel. Plus it’s a watch. You can also set a target for how active you want to be. You start at red, when it gets to green you’ve hit your goal. Simple. It’s also then a USB that you can plug into your computer or sync wirelessly through bluetooth and the mobile app to track your performance. I like. Especially with Big Little whipping our arses down on the pitch – would be good to see what hell the man is putting us through.

Now that all sounds totes nerdy and I am not so sure I would even wear something like that. All day. On my wrist. Like a muppet. It probably wouldn’t fit my outfit bla bla bla etc. But then I watched this.



And suddenly the brand is positioned so clearly in my mind that I want one. Now. So the uber clever ad guys have seen that such an innovative product needs and equally innovative positioning. Enter the tagline – Life Is a Sport. Make it count, which successfully integrates itself into Nike’s ongoing Make It Count campaign. Which to be honest going back to what I said earlier, I have really not seen much on. Very clever indeed Nike, because this has important implications for the brand and the overall brand positioning, which in my mind was totally lacking.

Now, more importantly people. And don’t jump to conclusions here. I’m not going to bang on about South Africa like you just thought I was going to do. Aaaaah, one step ahead of you today my lovely. Johannesburg unfortunately does not rank high in my books. In fact, it doesn’t rank at all. But. Oman does. I was really surprised to see the Grand Mosque appearing in this video. As well as the Tiwi Sinkhole which he jumps into. I’ve been to the Sink Hole many times and love it down there but I have not jumped from the top… yet. Added to the list of things to do now.

I don’t usually talk shop. But today I have purely because I felt like it. Plus, with such a rad video how could I not go on and share that with you. I know, so kind.

Wiki wiki weekend people. Get in. If it is anything like last weekend (God bless our souls) it should be, um, somewhat raucous FUN.

Make it count.

Miss M x

Harvey Nic’s gets it so right.

7 Dec

Harvey Nichols is bang on by turning a Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride this Christmas. Love it. And it’s making some serious turns on all social media platforms.

They then encourage you to go and share your walk of shame on using #walkofshame. Um, I think not.

Nearly Christmas time peaches!

Miss M x

Nando’s get 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. Again.

7 Oct

As I always say, Nando’s are just so quick off the mark and respond instantly to current controversial topics with their cheeky comments that consumers instantly relate to. Love it. 

So they’re at it again. The topic of conversation is the delay in South Africa (well, The ANC for stupid political reasons because of their dealings with China) granting the Dalai Lama a visa to South Africa. So he is now unable to visit our country for the Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday. Which is today. Happy happy Tutu. The wise man has shared some absolute words of wisdom on he thoughts on “Zuma and his government”. He gives them a right old telling off. Good for you Arch. You’ve always been one of my favourites.


And then Nando’s share their 2 cents worth too. Of course. 



And just posted to You Tube right now, the His Holiness the Dalai Lama has sent his birthday wishes to Desmond Tutu. And he expresses his sadness in not being able to be there.


The poor oke just wanted to come for a part-tay. Sies South Africa, you should know better.

Miss M x

Watch this. So hot right now.

27 Sep

I stole this off my friend Ands – thanks my peach! Think he’s a little peeeshed off since it’s his cuzzy in the video and I’m sure he would have lurved to have been there. And understandably so.

It’s insane, you have to watch it. Just love the cinematography – so creative and dynamic. And the surfing’s not too bad either. Ha. Just joling! The surfing is out right AMAZE.

Song- Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone
Shot & Edited- Jimmy Graham
Additional Footage- Jason Hearn

I think this is Skeleton Bay, Angola, West Africa. Unconfirmed.

Surfer’s are so hot right now. For today.

Miss M x

Riaan Cruywagen. You legend.

13 Sep

Remember this guy!?

Uh-hum, what a stoopid ass question! Of course you do. It’s our old pal Riaan Cruywagen. And if you haven’t seen the ad frolicking around the interweb for the 33rd annual Loerie awards, please just do yourself a favour:


OMG, still cracking. Riaan you absolute legend.

Miss M x

MO what!? Branding fail!

14 Mar

On Thursday (which is Saturday in my world), The Accomplice and I were cruising around the mall ticking time over and avoiding boredom. We did end up purchasing some much needed essentials such as MAC make up, network cables to hook up Hulu on the TV (I’ve become so technical these days learning about all these things) and a backgammon bored. Score.

A couple of things from the hour-ish experience in the mall.

This is up 1st, for sure:

Branding FAIL!!!

What does that say to you? Mo Bitch Me!? That’s what I thought too my peach. I translated this to MO ME BITCH and  merrily waltzed around the mall with a little choon that I came up with, singing – MO ME BITCH, MO ME BIAAAATCH!!! I was quite pleased with myself, kept me entertained for a while.

Next up, trying to find a network cable in Carrefour. So typically The Accomplice men in general never want to ask for directions / help and will wander around for ages. So I went on over to the group of employees for the department, standing around doing nothing. I asked in my lovely polite manner, “Please could you help me, where could I find a network cable”? Typically the person would walk you over to what you were looking for. Not this douche employee. He just points me over saying, “by the laptops”. Well thanks for nothing. Head over to the laptops, still can’t find it, ask someone else and he was lovely enough to show us. Result.

Last, but never least is PAYING. There’s not 1, but 2 people standing behind the counter. You’d think, one to scan the item’s through, take your money etc and the other to pack the stuff. Um, negative. They take turns on job A: scanning items through and taking your money. And they alternate. Must be a fairly stressful job. Shame.

OK one last thing worth a mention, we won something!? So they tell us to wait and that it’s a photo frame or something along these lines. And we wait, and wait and wait. Eventually I just want to go, sushi is calling by now. But The Accomplice is too inquisitive and wants to see what it is. So we wait, for about 15 minutes. Eventually the guy comes back, “Sorry. Finished”. FFS.

I have nothing more. At least the sushi was good.

Miss M x