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Birthday present for me!? Why Elton you just shouldn’t have.

27 Feb

Just stop what you’re doing right now and focus here for a minute. I’m being serious people.

You know, Sir Elton John called me up this morning and said, “Mel, just for your up and coming birthday in March I will come and perform live in Abu Dhabi. Just for you.” Gushing profusely I exclaimed, “oh why Elton how awfully kind of you, you just shouldn’t have”. But really, he should. And is.

Absolute legend - Sir Elton John.

Actually, it was the super informed Scottish Lass that messaged me this morning with this amazing news that Sir Elton John will be performing live in Abu Dhabi at the YAS Arena, Yas Island on Thursday 29th March. I’m ecstatic. I’m already singing and chair dancing right now, as we speak, to all my fav’s – Rocket Man, Bennie and the Jets, Tiny Dancer – could actually just carry on forever here. This is just the best news ever.

Can NOT wait.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but watch for details.

Um sorry, Madonna who!?

Miss M x


Flo Rida jumping out of a plane in Dubai. It’s a sign.

26 Feb

Am loving this new Flo Rida music video. Well, let me rephrase that. I am loving the beginning of this new Flo Rida video, the rest is rather cheesy. Doo-buy looks amazing in it though. And seeing as though sky diving over The Palm is on my list of things to do during this fine year that is 2012 – before I hit the big THREE OH – best I get my trot on and as soon as my visa is renewed I’ll be up to Dubai to do this. Now now. Calm down mother dearests – the pair of you puh-lease. Everything will be just fine. Bless their souls – they’ve got a tattoo, bungee jumping off Blou Krans in South Africa (possibly) and sky diving coming their way this year – moooo ha ha ha.  Nightmare child. But this should be nothing new to either of you.


Insert my picture here

Here’s to a wild year and ticking things off my list. Everyone’s invited.

Miss M x


Kanye West and Jay Z – No Church in the Wild: controversial if you ever!?

11 Feb

Following on from the “you must go see Safe House” post you now must see this if you haven’t already (it’s been out for quite a while I’ve just been slow off the mark here, sorry mkay). Kanye West and Jay Z put together a cracker choon featuring  Bebo & Frank Ocean for the movie soundtrack. With these two you can never really go wrong, they are just the definition of cool. I really love this track and it fits the movie really well but then I watched the music video for the first time today and at first I wasn’t quite sure if I was actually watching the official music video, it just seemed so wrong!? No no, it is indeed the official music video. It is just so controversial and I’m sure has raised a good few eyebrows   – watch it here.


And it’s one of those rare occasions where I don’t really know what to say!? It’s rather disturbing and of course is literally 1862 reversed – as you can see at the start of the video with the date upside down on its head. I don’t really want to get into it but it’s really obvious. And if you don’t see it or know what I’m on about here, go back to school and re-do History, it’s all just a bit much . But then again I love drama, controversy and so I quite like it and what I love even more is that these two incredible rappers are just that confident and ballsy enough to put it out there. They’re just so untouchable.

Kudo’s… again.

Miss M x

The simple things make me smile. Like Jeremy Loops.

14 Dec

The very simple things in life can make me so happy, put me in an instant good mood and smack a smile on my face. Like, for example, receiving a this from my friend Melly on a dull afternoon – Jeremy Loops at Rocking the Daisies. So easily pleased I am.

I do love Rocking the Daisies. For you non Saffa’s – it’s a weekend of amazing South African muso’s rocking it out on a wine farm in the Cape. Does it get any better than that!? Total jol.


Happy smiley people in the sunshine loving life. Love it. Love the Cape. And love this choon.
Miss M x

Wiki Wednesday. The Script tonight. Let’s GO.

16 Nov

Living out in the sticks we don’t really get too many international artists here which makes me fairly bleak because I love music, especially live performances. Even if it is a small local gig down at a bar – that’s just perfect. Back to the point here – we lack live music and so when someone does roll into town, you really do make a point of going. I will say however, I was NOT going to go to Westlife or Mr Boombastic, Shaggy. Come now people – that was just never going to happen.

So The Script is in town tonight. I’m quite excited! I wouldn’t put them as one of my top 5 bands but they are really good and I like their music a lot. When I do go to concerts I like to sing a long like a real muppet and wake up with a husky voice the next day – ya, that means you’ve really put your best effort in and that’s what it’s all about – getting involved. So, we have a slight problem here because I don’t know all of their words to their songs, just some – so I’ll admit that I’ve been practicing a little today and listening to 1 or 2 of their tracks. I should be OK-ish. Nothing worse than being the tool trying to sing along and NOT knowing the right words. Yoh – cringe / shudder.

Another plus – that tall, dark, rugged look that Danny O’ Donoghue pulls off will be quite pleasant and really easy on the eye. I can deal with having to look at him for 2 hours. So, some eye candy to boot. Why not?

No complaints from me today. I’m in such a bloody good mood, just because it’s good for my overall mojo. It’s the WEEKEND BABY – LET’S GO. Get in!

Miss M x

(P.S – Thanks to The Kings for their tickets… I know you’re kicking that knee surgery square in the zip my friend x)

According to Coldplay, paradise is South Africa.

30 Oct

Well well well now, it’s not as if I’m going to argue with them on this one. Coldplay – you’re bang on. South African is most certainly paradise. Everyone knows how ridiculously proudly South African I am and how I bleat on about my country at any given opportunity – so this makes me one happy smiley chick, and so here I go.

I’m sure you’ve probably already seen Coldplay’s new music video by now, Paradise. I just lurve it.  It’s about elephant that escapes from a zoo in London and gets on a plane looking for paradise – which turns out to be Cape Town peaches! The aerial view of the Mother City made my heart skip a little beat – I’m just so in love with my city. Gawd damn it’s just so beautiful!

The elephant ends up in Johannesburg (where you see some shots of Nelson Mandela bridge) and busks on the street for some cash and buys a unicycle with some Saffa Ronds and goes on a mission and finds other elephants like him in the veld, which is the rest of Coldplay. Aaah bless. It ends off with footage from the live concert from FNB Stadium in Jozi which was on the 8th October. Watch it here, it’s amaze.

Kudo’s to you Coldplay – you just became that much more awesome in my books. And I don’t just dish out brownie points for free.

Miss M x