No sleep for the wicked.

14 Mar

It’s been a while. Yes, I have missed you too. Life has been super busy yet ridiculously good. I won’t get into a full on report of what has been going on because unlike some people on Facecloth, no one really cares that much about what you’re doing every 2 seconds of your life, where you are or what it looks like there. But. Just a few things from this week.

I just love concerts. Well, concerts by amazing artists. You would not get me to Madonna if someone paid me to go. Snow Patrol however performed in town on Sunday night. Yes it was a school night. No I didn’t care. They were absolutely amazing. They are one of my favourite bands and they most certainly did not disappoint. Having them in our back yard was such a treat. One great thing about watching concerts in Muscat is that it is always in a small venue which means no que to the bar, toilets, to get in, out – in fact just no waiting in ques at all – which could possibly be my worst activity because of my impatience problem. But it is just so easy. And we like easy. Complicated is just no use.

Snow Patrol

I then found myself at a rather cultural event on Monday night. The Ibuyambo Ensemble were performing at the Al Felaij Castle Theatre.

Now a few reasons why I went.

1. They’re from South Africa. This one’s a no brainer.

Ibuyambo Ensemble

2. The performance is in a castle and takes place in an outdoor ampitheatre. Quite novel hey? Yes, I thought so myself.

Al Felaij Castle

3. My client is the power behind all of these performances, so you know the rest.

These guys started out busking on the streets in Cape Town and have now performed from Canada to China including performances at the Edinburgh Festival and Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Concert at Wembley Stadium. They were brilliant. It was just so incredible to have a little taste of home in the desert. The Gumboot dancers were my best – reminded me of being at Gold Reef City as a kid. 

Here’s some Gumboot dancers in Camps Bay in Cape Town, in front of what looks like Caprice on a perfect Cape Town summers day. The good life.

Performance in the ampitheatre

Proudly South African, again and again.

And after a superb week  the weekend is staring at me square in the FACE, already. A few things in the calendar that I simply just can’t wait for – My barfday weekend coming up, Dubai and can’t wait to see Scottish Lass, Elton John and nearly nearly time to head back to the Motherland for a holiday. This is the highlight, of course. Can . Not . Wait . 

Now you go have yourself a cracker one too.


Miss M x


2 Responses to “No sleep for the wicked.”

  1. Saffa in MCT March 14, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    I’m up there with you doll……..!!
    We were at the Inbuyambo concert, and we were blown away but the music, the dancing; it was just brilliant. It made me proud to be a SAFFA….. YEBO!!!
    And I have 250 photos to show I WAS THERE.
    Dont forget the Turkish ensemble and the Iranian group in the next two weeks, same place, same time.

    • Miss M March 14, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

      Splendid evening indeed.

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