Flo Rida jumping out of a plane in Dubai. It’s a sign.

26 Feb

Am loving this new Flo Rida music video. Well, let me rephrase that. I am loving the beginning of this new Flo Rida video, the rest is rather cheesy. Doo-buy looks amazing in it though. And seeing as though sky diving over The Palm is on my list of things to do during this fine year that is 2012 – before I hit the big THREE OH – best I get my trot on and as soon as my visa is renewed I’ll be up to Dubai to do this. Now now. Calm down mother dearests – the pair of you puh-lease. Everything will be just fine. Bless their souls – they’ve got a tattoo, bungee jumping off Blou Krans in South Africa (possibly) and sky diving coming their way this year – moooo ha ha ha.  Nightmare child. But this should be nothing new to either of you.


Insert my picture here

Here’s to a wild year and ticking things off my list. Everyone’s invited.

Miss M x



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