Safe House + Ryan + Cape Town = movie winner wena.

11 Feb

It really didn’t take much to convince me to go and see Safe House, the new action thriller staring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Skop, skit and donder is not my typical choice but I’m never adverse to a really good action. And what, with a movie set in Cape Town and Ryan Reynolds in one of the lead roles – I trotted straight on down to the cinema to see it. Here’s the trailer (which does it no justice mind you):

Admittedly I was a little scared in parts – it really was an action thriller, and the thriller part always freaks me out – bullets flying out of nowhere which resulted in me nearly jumping out of my seat, but nevertheless it was pure brilliance. Probably one of the best movies I’ve seen recently. And no smart ass, I’m not being biased because it was set in Cape Town (well maybe just a tad) but do yourself a favour and go see it. I’m not going to say much more than that, it’s one of those movies that you have to go and see.

And this is just because at any relevant point I’ll always post this pic for the ladies.

For those of you who actually saw him in Cape Town. I’m not jealous. Not jealous AT ALL.

Miss M x


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