Kanye West and Jay Z – No Church in the Wild: controversial if you ever!?

11 Feb

Following on from the “you must go see Safe House” post you now must see this if you haven’t already (it’s been out for quite a while I’ve just been slow off the mark here, sorry mkay). Kanye West and Jay Z put together a cracker choon featuring  Bebo & Frank Ocean for the movie soundtrack. With these two you can never really go wrong, they are just the definition of cool. I really love this track and it fits the movie really well but then I watched the music video for the first time today and at first I wasn’t quite sure if I was actually watching the official music video, it just seemed so wrong!? No no, it is indeed the official music video. It is just so controversial and I’m sure has raised a good few eyebrows   – watch it here.


And it’s one of those rare occasions where I don’t really know what to say!? It’s rather disturbing and of course is literally 1862 reversed – as you can see at the start of the video with the date upside down on its head. I don’t really want to get into it but it’s really obvious. And if you don’t see it or know what I’m on about here, go back to school and re-do History, it’s all just a bit much . But then again I love drama, controversy and so I quite like it and what I love even more is that these two incredible rappers are just that confident and ballsy enough to put it out there. They’re just so untouchable.

Kudo’s… again.

Miss M x


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