Four Phantoms and Nicole Scherzinger.

11 Feb

Now I’m going to tell you a little secret, and that is that I won’t even deny for one second that I have an obscene love for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Phantom of the Opera. I love the theatre in general but I particularly like this show. I think I 1st fell in love with it at the silly age of 6 when I 1st saw it at the theatre and since then twice again. It’s probably one of the best musical scores ever written, according to moi.

I then came across this on You Tube the other day (all comments and judgement are best kept to yourself at this point thank you kindly). Nicole Scherzinger as Christine and 4 of the most acclaimed Phantoms in the history of theatre (the one with the beard is particularly soft on the eye, good choice Andrew). At first I was very apprehensive. Not of the Phantoms – they’ve all earned their stripes – but Nicole…really!? What is Nicole doing singing the role of Christine at the Royal Variety Performance in December last year? I just struggled to see the connection and wondered who the hell chose her?

Nicole as Christine!? Struggling to see it.

Well now my peach, you just reserve your judgement. You will be just as shocked as I was. I think she’s possibly one of the hottest woman on the face of the earth, but sing opera!? I’ve just always put her in that “Pussy Cat Dolls” “stripper” that can only “shaky bon bon” kinda box. Head out the gutter now puh-lease. AND SHE’S NOT. Just watch this. Strap yourself into your chair otherwise you ARE going to fall off it backwards from pure shock.

Yusses, she owns it and is seriously talented. I’ll even go out a nerd tangent here and say she’s WAY better than Sarah Brightman and definitely not an eye sore like Sarah Brightman. I feel a little bad now for having such low expectations of her in this performance. You and I can now be friends again after you slammed Rachel Crow on X-Factor. You might actually know what you’re talking about. Kudo’s. 

Oh, and I’m not really a nerd. It’s called culture people. So there.

Miss M x


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