Desperate times are clearly calling for (inexcusable) desperate measures.

24 Jan

When did it become socially acceptable to be a complete stalking loser!? This week has presented itself with my own personal stalker who only God alone knows where he got my number from – but Whatsapp is not a stalking device pal. So bugger off already, you’re irritating me.

Then what I’m going to tell you about now is just on another whole level. The Accomplice sent me a link to a blog – here’s the link –

It’s basically a blog that was created to find Kristine. Who is British. And was at O’Malley’s pub in Muscat. Yes – very detailed description isn’t it!? This guy is desperately looking for her because he wants to talk to her. Talk to her!? I say more like stalk her.

Now listen – I’ll be diplomatic and say that maybe there is some crazy reason why he would need to do this. Actually no, there is NO real reason why anyone should be allowed to act like such a muppet. I’m appalled. Clearly desperate times are calling for some serious desperate measures here. But for me – this type of behaviour is just inexcusable and I can’t help but my crack my head off at the utter sadness of this! I have this vision of this “The Guy from the Bar” sitting back at the same bar, in the same place where he met her, night in and night out, hovered over a pint whilst waiting for his KRISTINE to turn up for a drink and then he’s going to POUNCE! Jump the poor girl’s bones and it’s all going to go tits up with her klapping him, security turns up and drags him away kicking and screaming for Kristine and it ends up with restraining orders etc etc. This is how it’s going to happen. In my mind.

If she wanted to talk to you buddy, you would have her phone number right now and would not be desperately trawling yourself on the internet trying to find her. If she’s just not that into you, she’s just not that into you.

I think this must be some kind of joke. I can’t see how someone would actually do this for real!? Will the real stalker please stand up. Make yourself known.

Miss M x


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