Just heart a concert. And Coldplay were insane on NYE.

10 Jan

From the ballet in a posh frock to rock in leather boots and a fedora hat – this festive season went from one extreme to the next. Mixing  it up a bit, you know. Keeps it interesting. We decided to bring in 2012 with Coldplay. Now, Coldplay is one of those bands that has been on my “must see” list purely because I love their music and have heard their live performances are brilliant. Other bands on that list are Pink, Stereophonics and Foo Fighters. Could really do with seeing the Foo Fighters soon, just love them – hopefully they’ll release some more tour dates soon. This song is my obsession this week.


Anyways, back to the point. We made the trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Waited in traffic forever. Waited in a que forever. 4 and a half  hours later we were in the concert venue. Now, I was not going to let anything piss me off on New Years Eve and just kinda went with it, staying chipper. I will say now, Think Flash Events better jack it up. I am definitely not ever thinking Flash Events ever again. Not now, not ever. Appalling organization – honestly, I have never.

Right, so there we were, in the concert venue. It’s 10:30 pm on NYE and I have not as much had a bevvie pass my lips. Pathetic. I just didn’t know if I could face another que but myself and the Fab Hairdresser just did it. Sometimes you just got to suck it up and power on princess to get a result. I stratgegized at this point so that I did not have to que ever again at this concert. 6 glasses of wine in 2 pint glasses, a Jagermeister shot and I was sorted. Very lady like, I know. It was nice, for a change, to wake up on the 1st day of the year without a screaming hangover.

Coldplay arrived by chopper, I’m assuming because they couldn’t get through the massive amount of traffic. Enough bleating. THEY WERE INSANE!!!  All the waiting to see them was well worth it and I’d do it all over again (with a hip flask). There really is nothing better than an amazing live performance and Chris Martin and the boys did an incredible job. The energy that each one of them throw into their performance is just beyond brilliant. You just get the sense that they truly are trying their absolute best to entertain the crowd. They played all the songs I wanted to hear instead of just punting their new album like most artists do and ended off by counting down into 2012 with us followed by a gorgeous fireworks display. Lukka.

A great way to kick off 2012. It can only get better from here.

Miss M x


One Response to “Just heart a concert. And Coldplay were insane on NYE.”

  1. susan b February 12, 2012 at 12:29 am #

    love the photos. just saw this in the paper, weird!

    News of the World, Feb. 11, 2012 – Steven Hedges, !Pop Band Word Puzzle Mystery!

    Chris Martin and the other members of the British band Coldplay, set to play at tomorrow night’s Grammy Awards, have a mighty big secret they’re hiding in their genes. And it’s not just what the kooky name of their latest album, Mylo Xyloto, means.

    It turns out that Chris, Will, Guy, and Jonny are secretly half-brothers, all the offspring of sixties film star, Keir Dullea. He’s the pretty blond floating in an astronaut’s outfit in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. (Methinks the film’s sequel, 2010, has a wee something to do with the naming of MX, though the bonus points come for spotting an odd possible link to Canadian hockey!)

    While one can imagine the Coldplay chaps enjoying their secret connection to each other and such a famous pretend space explorer, Keir Dullea had a little secret, too. His own secret parents were early Hollywood actors, who met while filming “Romeo and Juliet”.

    His mother was a famed beauty and his father a quirky character actor with a two-toned voice. Yes, two notes came out at the same time when he spoke or sang! It was so unusual that folks were worried he wouldn’t make the leap from silent movies to sound. Silly folks! Freakishness always pays off in life!

    Which explains those great Coldplay harmonies. The band members are not only singing with the same voice, but all potentially share a genetic oddity that produces a rich double-tone, letting Chris Martin warble the simplest of sad melodies with a curiously undulating richness.

    And whoever was in charge of bring Keir Dullea’s musical boys together also had some fun with naming them. Each is the son of an actress who was in a film with Keir Dullea that was released the year of their birth.

    Due to some clever wordplay and spitting-image resemblances, it’s not hard to figure out from whose womb Chris, Will, Guy, and Jonny sprang forth. Only frontman Chris Martin lacks a label suggesting a clear co-star connection, though his mum’s short and snappy first name does make a shuffled show in his last.

    Here’s a clue: Chris Martin and his lovely wife Gwyneth Paltrow share the same stunning Hollywood beauty for a mum. She had a gaggle of kids and was married to Woody Allen, and accounts for Chris and Gwyneth producing adorably blond haired identi-children with noticeably ethereal Great Gatsbyesque looks. Great-grandparents were Mel Ferrer and Ruth Nelson, connecting Keir’s mother and Gwyneth’s grandmother back to music hall stunner, Ruth Vincent, curiously making the couple second cousins, too.

    Though in my humble opinion, little Apple Martin looks a tidy bit more like that astronaut grandfather of hers as he floats through space envisioning a future pop band of handsome sons, each with a half-sister wife and their secret dad’s identity cleverly anagrammed into their globally-recognized moniker.

    Steven Hedges writes each Saturday on pop culture riddles. This is his first column.


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