Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House, daaahling.

7 Jan

So one night that I just have to tell you about was going to see Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake performed by the Mariinsky Ballet Company. I was lucky enough to be able to go and see this at the new Royal Opera House that has opened in Muscat just before the end of the year. Now 2 reasons why it was extremely important that I went.

Reason 1: They have been building this Opera House since I moved to Oman, which was three and a half years ago. Yes, THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO. I lie not. It was already in progress when I got here so anything that has taken 4 years to build is worth me taking time out of my schedule and penciling in a little rendezvous to see what the friggin’ hell took so long. It just must be brilliant.

Reason 2: I love ballets! What girl doesn’t!? And whilst the Mariinsky Ballet is in town, best I trot on down to the Opera House and take full advantage of this opportunity to see a world class performance. It’s all very posh mind you. So I had to put on a frock and mind myself by behaving. You know, shoulders back, good posture, use of the word daaaahling etceteraaa etceteraaa etceteraaa (said in posh tone) And boooiya I fitted right in.

So there we were, Scuba VH, The Queen of Bubbles and moi – VIP seats and all. If you’re going to do something, do it right. The Queen of Bubbles is of course the one to credit for our “oh so posh” seats.  Thanks my friend. 1st of all the Opera House is absolutely incredible. The architecture and attention to every detail on the interior is out of this world and completely exceeded my expectations.  The only negative is that you can’t sip on a glass of bubbly before the performance and during the many intervals as none is served. It’s coffee in rank paper cups, bottles of water or juice. Just doesn’t cut the mustard when you’re standing in one of the most beautifuls building I have ever been in. Never mind. We’re not there for a bevvie, we’re there for a cultural experience. So, moving along swiftly.

Then the ballet itself was breath taking. What these ballerina’s can do with their bodies is actually beyond me. It was just so beautiful and I found myself really drawn into the performance. When she’s sad, you’re sad. When she’s happy, you’re smiling. I loved the orchestra accompanying the performance and acoustics are brilliant. The music playfully swirls around and fills whole auditorium whilst the dancers flutter around the stage as light as feathers.

I’m not going to go into the whole break down of the performance as I could carry on forever. Of course the actual lake scene was my best and is just so dramatic – which naturally I love.

The new calendar is out – http://rohmuscat.org.om/programmes/calendar for bookings. You can also “Like” them on Facebook here –http://www.facebook.com/RoyalOperaHouseMuscat and follow them on Twitter here – @ROH_Muscat to stay up to speed with the latest performances and news.

Best you go, daaaahling. You won’t be disappointed.

Miss M x


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