Heppie heppie New Year. 2012 – own it!

4 Jan

So we’re a couple of days into it already but Happy happy New Year to you! I’m not going to bleat on about resolutions resosmooshins. Everyone has there own way of doing things so do what works best for you to make 2012 a phenomenal year. Just whatever you do, own it. I must say, I’m seriously looking forward to this year – so much on the horizon. But we’ll chat about this another time.

There’s so much for us to talk about right now though, as it has been a rather busy little time juggling between the silly season and work which is particularly difficult when in a country that does not celebrate Christmas or New Years. Note to self: take the week off this year, you’re not Wonder Woman (even though sometimes I like to play pretend pretend and think that I am).

Wonder Woman - Gawd damn she's cool and the outfit is even cooler.

So there’s Christmas eve and day festivities, glorious days on long stretches of beach, table tennis challenges, Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House, Dubai trips, Abu Dhabi to see my gorgeous friend Pange over from South Africa who I have SO missed, Coldplay for New Years eve, Katy and Russel’s divorce, best friends engagements and bridesmaid honour (eeeeek) – I know, there’s just so much to banter on about I won’t be able to tell you all about everything. As I always say, some things are better left unsaid anyway.

Will be in touch soon with only the important details.

Remember – own it!

Miss M x


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