Top Gear Albania. And the biggest butt you ever did see.

12 Dec

Well of course it was male remote control domination last night in our house and I found myself staring blankly at the TV as if I was looking right through it whilst Jeremy Clarkson and the boys did their weekly Top Gear stint. As I’ve said before I really like the show and find it entertaining, at times. Just yesterday had just been a super manic day and I was in an absolute dwaaal and so was not very focused at all.

It was at this very point on Top Gear that I snapped out of my comatose state and screamed SO loud with laughter the neighbours I am sure would have heard me and at one point I thought I could not breathe anymore. According to the Top Gear gents – when buying a car in Albania a major deciding factor is whether you can fit and hide a dead body in the boot. Just watch this.

I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny….!

They must have edited out parts of this. Excuse my utter filth here but I am certain that a ball would’ve popped out at some point!? Must have. Take it away, I’ve seen enough of this butt already.

Funny much.

Miss M x


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