The DL – London & surrounds. Edinburgh. [Censored]

6 Dec

Right kids – I’m back from an utter whirlwind week in the UK. I’ve never been on so many trains, planes, tubes, cars, cabs etc in a week, thank God for iPods. What an insane trip – places to go, people to see. So here’s the Down Low. Now now, I will not share everything with you for absolute fear of judging. Some things are better left unsaid.

It’s always so amazing to see old friends. You know the kind of friends I’m talking about here – the one’s that when you see each other after a long time and it feels like you just saw them yesterday. Endless catching up, masses of laughs and pure good times. Love it – Boffy, Ricky Bee, G Dog – thanks my darlings for taking such good care of me.

So a few do’s and don’ts, according to moi.

London & surrounds

Do go to Floridita in Soho. Perfect venue for a razzle and couple of bevvies to catch up with mates. There’s a dancefloor downstairs if the night turns out to be one of those. Which it naturally did.

Don’t go to watch the play Blood Brothers. You will fall asleep like I did.

Don’t go to Oxford Street for shopping close to Christmas unless you have time to shop. It’s not a case of in and out. It’s rammed with people and can be super irritating if you’re in a rush. I nearly went outside of my mind.

Do go to Camden Lock Market and take a walk along the canal. Do not go to Camden Town Market. The Lock Market has so much more character. Mind the Chav’s though.

Do go to the English country side, Surrey, for a walk with friends and a well deserved pub lunch at The Dolphin afterwards.

Do go to the South of England, Bognor Regis, to see your beloved aunt for a good fat catch up.


Do go to Edinburgh. It is an INCREDIBLE city that is breathtakingly beautiful. I fell in love with it.

Do take a proper rain coat to Scotland. Not a coat. A RAIN coat. Brollies are useless too and will break in the space of 2 minutes. Otherwise you’ll end up with a street side special that is screaming pink and look like a total tool. As I did, out of pure desperation to stay dry. This is unfortunately the exact same jacket that I was sporting on the one rainy day. Absolute fashion FAIL!

Do walk as much as possible. You see so much more. Even if it’s raining. Suck it up and power on princess (pink jacket and all).

Do go to a bar / restaurant called Iglu in Edinburgh. Amazing cosy little spot that serves delicious wild, organic and local produce.

Do go to Babelon Cafe for heart shaped eggs. Loved this.

Do go to Greyfriars, a cosy little pub with the story about Bobby the Dog.

Do go to Edinburgh Castle. Try not to go in the rain if possible – you’ll freeze your tits off, as I did. There’s lot to see but my fav was the Crown Jewels (naturally, I love bling) and the War Memorial.

Don’t drink rum on a night out because you’re told “that’s what people drink in Edinburgh” and get totally vrot.

Do climb the 250 ridiculous stairs to the top of Scott Monument. Perfect 360 degree views of Edinburgh city. And Do take the G Dog with you for a complete run down of the city, could’ve sworn he was a tour guide as a side job.

Fabulous trip and so good to see all you lovely’s. Love it. Best get planning the next one.

Miss M x


4 Responses to “The DL – London & surrounds. Edinburgh. [Censored]”

  1. Lauren December 7, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    LOVE IT! Was just the BEST to see you… cant wait till you come back or i get to come explore your turf!! BIG LOVE to my oldest and dearest friend EVER x

    • Miss M December 7, 2011 at 9:54 am #

      Yes – come to the desert!!! Too divine to see your face. Lotsa love my darl xxx

  2. Blewyn December 9, 2011 at 3:49 am #

    Do NOT eat one of the large sausages sold by the roadside at Camden Lock Market from the metal trolleys. See that guy peddling them ? That was me…..and I never risked a bite. Take my word for it, avoid.

    Do try the Italian restaurant which overlooks the famous curved cobbled road in Edinburgh. Amazing risotto.

    • Miss M December 9, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

      Ha ha – no I never saw the sausage man. Italian restaurant sounds amazing… next time!

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