Movember. The “C” word. And the tash that YOU and ME are donating to.

22 Nov

Movember has literally taken the world by storm and if you don’t know what I’m talking about best you get with the times, puh-lease. Everyone knows about it, but if you don’t I’ll be kind enough to bring you on the inside of the “cool” people’s loop because I am such a nice person.

Movember is the month of November, obviously, where millions of guys from every corner of the earth start the month off with a clean shave and spend the rest of the month growing their moustaches – growing, molding, pruning and obsessing. They literally obsess! I love the creativity, care and passion they have that goes along with it. This is all in an effort to raise funds for men’s health, mainly prostate cancer, by registering on the Movember site:

It is here where people are able to donate some cash to their amazing tash growing efforts and therefore show their support towards cancer – with a focus on men’s health. There is loads of information here too. I am a big fan of Movember – and ladies you should all encourage your men to get their tash on instead of bleating about it like a little princess because it’s going to tickle, um, your face – and rather support them. It’s for a good cause.

Now, most close to me will know how much I hate the “C” word – no, not that word gutter brain! Yes, the Cancer word – prostate cancer in particular. I knew a guy that was the picture of health – a normal oke (well he was way WAY more awesome than everyone) a surfer, rugby player, cyclist, a Navy diver, best braai master, brilliant Quantity Surveyor and businessman, amazing husband, the kindest and most patient man on planet earth – I could carry on forever here. Granted he loved a beer at the end of the day (and Gawd damn, as an ex-drinking captain of his uni team, he knew how to sink a brewski) and maybe a little too much butter on his roast potatoes – but in general he was an all round healthy man. He was also the BEST Dad in the world, my Dad, and he lost the long hard battle that he put up to prostate cancer just over a year ago, so you can understand my support for Movember, obviously. What my point here is that you guys should get yourselves checked out. You may think it’ll never be you – you’re young, normal, healthy and a most importantly a big tough MAN, just like my Pops was. But be responsible mkay gents! Just go on and get checked every year. Not anal! Annual. End of the day –  it could and will save your life. I’m not going to bleat on about this anymore. You go on and look after your own health. DO IT. 

So I’ve chosen my favourite tash for this year’s Movember, by slight default, which I have donated to and would love everyone feeling the vibe to donate to too – no pressure or anything – just best you do it! I only associate myself with the most awesome of people and I promise that this is the best tash out there. Even a couple of bucks is perfect and would be hugely appreciated. You don’t want to be that person sitting on the side line like a muppet – so get involved!

This is a really fine effort by one Mister Chris Lambley.

I think he deserves loads of support for his amazing tash, and by support I mean money people! Here’s the link to his MoSpace where you can donate. It’s super simple and takes about 2 minutes, I pinky promise, I’ve done it. Just do it peaches! We’ll get a pic up of the final tash and how much he raised for this very important cause. Well done Christopher!

I love Movember and all the hype that goes along with it but let’s just remember what it’s for. Tashes and donations are cool. Prostate Cancer is not.

Get checked!

Miss M x


2 Responses to “Movember. The “C” word. And the tash that YOU and ME are donating to.”

  1. Taryne November 24, 2011 at 10:30 am #

    Very cool post.

    • Miss M November 27, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

      Thank you kindly!

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