Wiki Wednesday. The Script tonight. Let’s GO.

16 Nov

Living out in the sticks we don’t really get too many international artists here which makes me fairly bleak because I love music, especially live performances. Even if it is a small local gig down at a bar – that’s just perfect. Back to the point here – we lack live music and so when someone does roll into town, you really do make a point of going. I will say however, I was NOT going to go to Westlife or Mr Boombastic, Shaggy. Come now people – that was just never going to happen.

So The Script is in town tonight. I’m quite excited! I wouldn’t put them as one of my top 5 bands but they are really good and I like their music a lot. When I do go to concerts I like to sing a long like a real muppet and wake up with a husky voice the next day – ya, that means you’ve really put your best effort in and that’s what it’s all about – getting involved. So, we have a slight problem here because I don’t know all of their words to their songs, just some – so I’ll admit that I’ve been practicing a little today and listening to 1 or 2 of their tracks. I should be OK-ish. Nothing worse than being the tool trying to sing along and NOT knowing the right words. Yoh – cringe / shudder.

Another plus – that tall, dark, rugged look that Danny O’ Donoghue pulls off will be quite pleasant and really easy on the eye. I can deal with having to look at him for 2 hours. So, some eye candy to boot. Why not?

No complaints from me today. I’m in such a bloody good mood, just because it’s good for my overall mojo. It’s the WEEKEND BABY – LET’S GO. Get in!

Miss M x

(P.S – Thanks to The Kings for their tickets… I know you’re kicking that knee surgery square in the zip my friend x)


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