Celine and her sparkly Va JJ.

26 Oct

So there I was mucking about on You Tube watching cheesy 80’s music video’s and I came across one of my absolute fav’s. Heart – Alone. It’s one of those songs that you can just belt out and sing the words out loud, because you can. And I do. All judging will be perfectly acceptable at this point and I will allow it.

Just love how dramatic it is, the big hair, dropping to the knee’s with the electric guitar and the absolute cheese of it all! It’s purely amazing.
Then you get Celine Dion. This tart has ruined it for me. And I’m quite devastated about it to be honest. I know I’m probably slow off the mark as she did the cover a while ago but has anyone seen this!?

How boring and badly performed is this? The French accent is just not working. The attempt at dance moves, or whatever they are is just appalling. The “A-OK” thing she keeps doing with her hand. And then for all my sins, God bless my soul, I saw the sparkly Va JJ. Who the hell styles this woman for her performances? They should be fired immediately. Celine, we all know you have a Va JJ there, no need to sparkle it up for us. Oh my hat, I just couldn’t bare to look. Shudder / vom / cringe. The audience looks more bored than I was and they were there, poor peaches. You wrecked a legendary choon. Thanks.

I have no more words.
Miss M out x

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