I don’t want. I NEED this Jag.

19 Oct

Ok I’m no petrol head. At all. But when you live in a house that can be a bit of a sausage fest at times you are forced into watching boys TV – like golf, Megastructures and of course, Top Gear. I must admit, it is an entertaining show and I don’t mind it so much and will watch it if it’s on. I’m not exactly going to be going out and buying the box set. I think naaat.  I do however claim remote control domination to get my Kardashian fix when that’s on. Say what you want, I don’t care – I love it. It takes a bit of telling them to shut their pie holes when it’s on – but about 5 minutes into it they lose interest and walk out the TV room. Result. Give and take people, it works. You should try it.

So there we were watching Top Gear the other night. When I saw this I thought I had died and gone to car heaven. Actually not even car heaven, just heaven. Oh my shattered nerves – I WANT! Now. Like I said, I’m no car enthusiast but with anything when I see something I like – I know it and want it.

The Jaguar E Type (well, the old one now)

Enter the new Jaguar E Type Speedster. Jaguar are celebrating 50 years of the E type and as much I like the old E Type classic I have fallen in love with this new one. I don’t know all the car jargon to go along with this so just look at the pretty pictures. I just know that it’s the new E-Type. And I like it. A lot.

Anyone have a spare 500 000 British Pounds lying around!? Ya, I didn’t think so. Dammit.

They say you can’t buy style. But in this case, you can my peach.

Miss M x


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