The Chedi. Ridiculous.

18 Oct

Everyone knows how much I love The Chedi. Visiting this stunning hotel for a stay, just dinner or glass of vino at the bar is just lurvely. We will most certainly be frequenting our favourite pool side bar this winter. They have just opened a sparkling new spa and gym facility which is quite the talk of the town at the minute. It will be right up there as possibly the most amazing pool to be spending your winter at. I’ve been to the Chedi spa before and it was incredible, so I can only imagine that this new one is going to be just out of this world. Sounds just perfect and I could so see me signing up. If you’re going to be an expat, you might as well just do it right, yes!?

The bus stops right here people. Membership to the Chedi is now RO 1900 for a year. SAY WHAAAAT!? Let me spell that out for you. This is forty thousand South African Ronds. For a membership to a hotel!? And no, I’m not taking the piss. In the good old Republic this is an obscene amount of money and I could think of a gazillion things to do with 40 000 hard currency. I’m not entirely sure what this RO 1900 buys you but I’m assuming the normal that you would get at most hotel memberships – pool access, discount at the spa and restaurants, use of the gym and well a naked man jumping out of a singing cake that dances on his head. Because for that kind of money my peaches, I would expect that.

On second thoughts – for RO 1900 you could check into into the Chedi for about 23 nights over the summer.

You do the maths.

Miss M x


3 Responses to “The Chedi. Ridiculous.”

  1. Vicky October 18, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Absolutely barking… .this is what it includes..
    Memberships are priced at RO 1900 net per person

    ü The memberships are for strict personal use and cannot be carried over to another person

    ü The membership fee has to be paid in full

    ü 2 Personal training sessions are included in the membership fee. These are only for personal use and not transferable to others. If people wish to have more, these can be purchased per session at RO 25 net per session (1hr) or RO 250 net for 12 sessions

    ü Group exercise classes are available for members at a charge of RO 5 net per person, per class.

    ü Tennis coaching sessions remain available at RO 25 net.

    ü Membership fee includes (all for personal use only – not transferable):

    · 2 personal training sessions

    · 6 x 60 min Balinese massage

    · 1 x 1 night stay in a Chedi Club Suite on B&B basis (subject to availability and prior reservations required)

    · Complimentary laundry of your personal gym attire for the duration of your membership

    · 30% discount of Best Available Rate at all GHM hotels worldwide (subject to availability, prior reservations required, requests to be made through the Sales office of The Chedi Muscat)

    As you say, hardly warrants the extortionate rate!

    • Miss M October 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm #

      Thanks for the info! I love the way that there is still charges over and above the RO 1900 – Tennis coaching sessions remain available at RO 25 net!? Clearly I’m in the wrong line of work.

      Fair enough they’ve thrown in a nights stay… but seriously – it’s outrageous.

      • Vicky October 18, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

        No worries, exactly, what exactly ARE the benefits of being a member I ask myself? We are definitely in the wrong jobs!

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