Endless summer.

17 Oct

Since I have moved to the desert 3 and half years ago I have experienced 1 winter. Yes you read that right peach, 1 winter. This was at the end of 2008 when I went and frolicked around London with my favo man about town, Ricky Bee (miss you boy but see you soon)! I literally live an endless summer. There’s really no need to ever check the weather here as it’s either hot or hotter. Simple.

Of course, summer here is as hot as hell reaching temperatures of 60 degrees on the hottest of days but you just deal with it and run that A/C over time. I must say it’s quite amusing watching the rest of the world rant about weather. Peeps are never happy. They’re either whinging about the cold. Or bleating about the heat. Sho, tough crowd. Over here its winter that we are after here when the skies are blue, you see a few white clouds every now and then and your average days are between 27 – 35 degrees at a high and maybe 18 – 24 at a low. Have you ever!? It’s just perfect and it’s around about this time of year that I start loving being here again. At 18 I get cold. And need a jumper. Yes I know, I’m a drama queen. 

The beach for winter, yes definitely

Putting my new Grand Hyatt membership to full use at the pool, well, of course.

And yes, I will be sat right at this very pool bar with a Daquiri in my hand.

So in saying that I crave a proper winter. One with cold and rain. People would probably think you’re a nutter saying that but honestly, I am sick of seeing the sun. Hence my next holiday is going to be a cold one, in 17 sleeps time I might just add. One where I can put on my boots (the only 1 pair I have, sigh – I just so miss having a winter wardrobe.) a coat, scarves, hats, gloves – can’t wait! And because my winter wardrobe is literally nonexistent it’s the perfect excuse to shop. Thank you very much, I will.

You shall see me shopping on Oxford Street, wining and dining around London town, watching shows and gigs, having early red vino to warm up in the pub and just having an all round fab time.

There will be exploring and being helluva naughty with one of my fav tarts in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland.

And of course, the pub. Love a good pub. We’ll be spending a fair amount of time here.

I do only want a real winter for a week, then I’ll be over it and can make my way back to the sunshine. I just love when the desert winter pulls into town. There is suddenly just so much to do! For the next couple of weeks there’s The Script in Muscat. Oktoberfest at the Grand Hyatt. Outdoor dinners for birthdays. ODC beach parties. There will be plenty of braai’s, pool parties, rugby matches, adventures into the interior to wadi’s and Snake Gorge (eeek) and dare I say it, camping – God bless my soul.

Get your winter on desert rats and get involved. The fun bus just rolled into town.

Miss M x


4 Responses to “Endless summer.”

  1. Tracy October 17, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Just remember you’ll also be outside freezing your ass off as you have a cigarette – not gonna be enjoying the cold so much then Babe x

    • Miss M October 17, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

      This is true. Hopefully the red vino will be working it’s magic by then, yes!?

      Note to self: still need to give up smoking this year.

      • Wadiman October 17, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

        Are you sure you want to leave the delights of the Omani winter for OXFORD street? I was right with you till that point… 😉


      • Miss M October 17, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

        Hell yes. Love London. Just for a week and then back to the sunshine.

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