Snake Gorge – Oman. Before.

10 Oct

I nearly be-kakked myself when I heard that there was a place in Oman called Snake Gorge. I am absolutely petrified of snakes. I can’t even look at them on TV without hyperventilating, never mind see them in real life. So the thought of a gorge filled with snakes just makes me want to cry. Literally sit down and cry my brown eyes out. Tissue please. However, this is not what it is. OMG. Thank fek.

Snake Gorge is actually a fault cut that is about 100 or so feet wide at the top but 300-400 feet deep. The surrounding rock layers are ancient seafloor basalts (ophiolites) that were shoved up over the top of the Arabian sub-continent during a major plate collision. It stretches for only 3 km’s but can take 2 – 4 hours to walk through as there are jumps into pools, swimming, caves etc.

Right, so that’s the gorge from up top.

And on ground level.

So, I’ve heard so much about it. Good and bad. I’ve heard that the jumps are SO hectic. Up to 10 meters mind you into deep dark holes which you are not quite sure whether they are deep enough. If a flash bit of rain hits the area the gorge will fill up with torrents of water and you’ll drown. If you do the 1st jump, there is no turning back – you have to power on through. If you get to the cave and water level is too high then you have to swim under water for ages before getting through to the other side. If the cave water is too low there’s dead goats in it. Some other people say that it’s a lovely day out and the jumps into the water are not all that bad, it’s out right awesome and beautiful.


So, I’ve decided to go and see what all the hype is about myself with a group of my peaches. I love an opinion so I’m going to go and get my own about Snake Gorge. That way, I will know. So I’m going to “chick up” and DO IT. I guess I’ve almost pledged to go now so best I do that. Pinky promise. The only thing that would stop me going is the weather forecast and if rain is on the cards, I’m flagging (cos that bit about the gorge flooding is tres true).

Not going to lie here peaches, a little nervy. I’m no scardy cat, but I think I’m just a little reserved. Adventure Miss M will be out this weekend in Snake Gorge earning my weekend bevvie (or 5) for afterwards. I promise to give my perfectly honest opinion on Snake Gorge after I have been there hopefully with some pics (been waiting for an excuse to make a ridiculous purchase of a waterproof camera. Voila – here it is).  Snake Gorge – Oman. After. to follow, well, afterwards (if I make it out of the blerry gorge).

Desert winter loving. And yes Mom, no panicking now please. It’ll be fine.

Miss M x


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