My perfectly honest chicks opinion of the RWC 2011 going into quarter finals.

2 Oct

So all the pool games for the Rugby World Cup wrapped up today. So now the fun really starts as we head on into the quarter finals. Here’s my perfectly honest chicks opinion on the Rugby World Cup 2011 so far. I will straight up say that I am no expert, I am a total tart and hardly know that much about what I’m talking about here – but I have an opinion on everything. So here it is – take it and GO!

Here’s what we’re looking at for the quarter finals (South African times) via :

8 Oct Ireland v Wales Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington 07:00
8 Oct England v France Eden Park, Auckland 09:30
9 Oct South Africa v Australia Wellington Regional Stadium, Wellington 07:00
9 Oct New Zealand v Argentina Eden Park, Auckland 09:30

Now obviously what will grab my attention instantly is that South Africa vs. Australia game. Hayi khona boychees. I’m not going to do my “well obviously we’ll win” rendition with such utter confidence because this is going to be tough. Seriously tough. I do believe we’ll win just as long as we don’t play as kak as what we did against Samoa (terrible, but a win is a win) and get back into the rhythm that we had at the beginning of the tournament with our strong back line running the ball straight down the line instead of turning the game of rugby into a ping pong match. Francois Steyn is out with a shoulder injury and will most probably be heading home which is seriously not great, he is one of our key players. They’re replacing him with Zane Kirchner. Eish. Best choice? I defo think not. Bit of a shocker there P Divvy. We can win this though. My blood is green and as I said before: win or lose we support our boys, finish and klaar.

Chicks prediction = South Africa win, but fight hard for it.

Onto the rest. Ireland shaping up to be a serious dark horse in the World Cup. Actually have a little soft spot for them at the moment. How brilliantly are they playing at the moment!? You go you good things you.  And they meet Wales – who are looking brilliant and playing some serious rugby!

Chicks prediction = will be a tight match and good to watch but Wales will win it.(Sorry Ireland, I do love you more).

Not too sure on England and France to be honest!? After England’s serious display of BMT against Scotland yesterday nailing the win at literally the last minute I think England will win and I hope they do because a lot of my mates here in the desert are English and so for that reason, I’ll pick England cos I’m a good friend.

Chicks prediction = is completely uninformed but I’ll go for England. By say a cheeky 12 points!?

Lastly New Zealand and Argentina. Well I think it’s pretty obvious as to who will win. Kiwi’s will defo take it. As much as they are such a rival team to South Africa it’s really sad to hear about Dan Carter. He’s out. Torn his groin tendon. Thinking about Dan Carter’s well, groin – get your head out the gutter peach! Just can’t help yourself, can you!? OK moving along swiftly, serious loss for the All Blacks. Will make for an interesting semi-final.

Chicks prediction = New Zealand walk it straight through to the semi’s.

Dan Carter injures his um, groin.


So that’s it.  My opinion. Best of luck to all the teams and may the best teams make it through to the semi’s (uh-hum, cough, South Africa).

Miss M x


2 Responses to “My perfectly honest chicks opinion of the RWC 2011 going into quarter finals.”

  1. Michael October 2, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

    What?! How can you put Wales ahead of Ireland? If anything, Ireland are favourites, albeit marginally. As an Irish man maybe I’m slightly biased, but all messing aside, we are DEFINITELY DEFINITELY going to win the whole World Cup, probably by a million points.

  2. Miss M October 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I said I was no expert, but this sounds like a little bit of a biased comment here my man – ha ha! May the best team win.

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