Adele not setting fire to the rain. She’s playing with it.

21 Sep

So I just heard the most ridic thing EVER. Ridiculous even by my standards, and I’m a pretty easy going tart. Everyone knows Adele, yes? Yes, of course. If you don’t stop reading my blog immediately and go away puh-lease. Everyone knows that amaze album “21” that has brought her huge success with songs like “Rolling in the Deep”, “Set Fire to the Rain” and “Someone Like You”. And everyone knows that she wrote the songs after a supposed devastating break up with her ex-boyfriend and poured her heart and soul into the lyrics and music. The story goes a bit shady from here – no one really knows who he is. A mystery asshole of sorts. No one knows what he did but Lord knows it must have been shocking to have created such a broken heart. Poor peach.

Moving along swiftly – he wants royalties from the album. Um, excuse me let me just repeat that. In slow motion –

He . Wants . Royalties . From . The . Album.

As if breaking her heart was not enough you now want her money you utter douche bag.

Just hold your horse here boerewors, there’s more. She’s forgiven him and wants him to share in her success. She explained during a London show earlier this week: “We’re becoming friends again. It’s alright, I know what I’m doing. Enough time has gone by”. You clearly don’t know what you’re doing and are playing with fire. Talk about not getting over someone. Adele, I love you but listen to me carefully now my darling. You’re a fakken mentalistic. You’ve totally gone outside of your mind. Plus, you’re sending out the wrong message. Adele’s message to the world:

Dear World,

1. Love me

2. Treat me like shite and break my heart.

3. Break up with me and break my heart. I’ll write a few songs about it.

4. Thank you so much for all that and here’s some money for doing it.
Love Adele.

Enough said. Adele, pull yourself towards yourself. Seriously.

Miss M x

*Apparently what I heard on the radio about the “Rumour Has It” star was in fact a rumour and utter rubbish. The ex who demanded royalties is the douche who inspired the album “19″, the man to whom Adele wrote “One and only”.  Oops, apologies peaches.


3 Responses to “Adele not setting fire to the rain. She’s playing with it.”

  1. Luana September 21, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    You’re so WRONG! really really so wrong.

    Who demanded Royalties was the ex who inspired the album “19”, the man to whom Adele wrote “One and only” (“One and Only” is the only music of “21” album that it’s not inspired in the man she loved the most, the one she’s in contact now).

    She always explains in her gigs that the “asshole” ex-boyfriend is not the one who inspired “21”..

    Yes, it was a devastating break up with her ex-boyfriend, the one who inspired “21”, but in her interviews she always make clear that he is a brilliant guy and was the love of her life. .

    And NO, she’s not giving money to him or to anyone, Jesus!

    Go read her interviews!

    “Adele has revealed that her ex-boyfriend — the inspiration for her debut album ’19’ — has been in touch seeking royalties.”


    (…) The guy who inspired the #1 album in America…(“21” album)

    Read more at ONTD:

    ….. But then, after almost a year, things started to fizzle. He never cheated or did her wrong. It somehow, mysteriously, stopped working. “It just stopped being fun,” she says. “I couldn’t work out why. And neither could he. But we didn’t talk to each other about it, either. Which is the main reason that we fell apart so dramatically. It stopped being fun and we stopped wanting to hang out together and we stopped wanting to do things that we’d loved doing together. We didn’t want to do them together any more. We didn’t talk and we’d just bicker over a cup of tea or the fact that my lighter wasn’t working and just start moaning and bitching at each other but for no reason. We just fell out of love and it was horrible and that’s the first time it’s ever happened to me where there’s nothing but you just grow apart and become different people and we couldn’t work out why it was

    Read more at ONTD:

    • Miss M September 21, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

      Well thanks for clearing that up then. That’s not what I heard on the radio today, hence my “shock horror” to what I had heard and obviously thought was going on. And you can’t always believe everything you read online. Sorted then. Good on you Adele.

      • Luana September 21, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

        Yes, we can’t always believe everything you read online.

        But certainly we can believe when we hear from Adele’s own mouth, right?

        There are a large number of videos on youtube where she talks about it, especially during the latest gigs

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