Grant Ross. Men’s Health cover. The obvious choice.

4 Sep

Chicks – stop what you’re doing right this minute and listen to me. You will thank me later. I promise.

Guys – just pay attention.

I would like to introduce you to Grant Ross.


And no you silly tarts, this is not some random model I’ve knicked off the latest Dolce and Gabana advertising campaign. Although I can most certainly see how you would think so. So you’re excused.

Grant is a friend that has entered the Men’s Health cover competition. So, we’re going to help him to win my peaches! Who wouldn’t want to see his face on the front cover. Plus, he is the perfect role model with a clean cut lifestyle that is just the perfect fit for Men’s Health.

It’s an obvious choice that he should win in my opinion, but to win we need to vote for him. So here’s what you need to do. Please. I ask so nicely.

So easy. Just do it.

Good luck hun! Looking forward to seeing you on the cover! And ladies, if you behave I might give you his phone number. Maybe.

Miss M x


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