Ard Matthews. Eish.

25 Aug

Nando’s is always so quick of the mark. Just got to lurve it!



Reckon we might just need to cut Ard a bit of slack – the guys is losing sleep over it.

He tweeted the morning after, I’m sure after copious amount of beers:

“Morning peeps. Not much sleep last night, obviously. Thanks for the incredible outpour of forgiveness from those…”

And a day later:
“After a day filled with apologies, pls see my final, formal written apology on: And that’s…that.”
Reckon the okes gatvol. It is quite an offense but how many peeps mocking and ranting at the poor guy actually know ALL the words to our national anthem, all verses in all 4 languages. Is it 4!? Well actually smart asses it’s 5 – Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, English and Afrikaans. Wiki wiki had to help me out there Oopsie – at least I’m not skaam to admit I thought it was 4 languages. Mistakes happens. It’s time to move on you lot of moaner lisas. Seriously.
But hey ho Ard – onwards and upwards. No publicity is ever bad publicity.
Miss M x

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