Amy, addiction, love and loss.

27 Jul

I tend to think quite a lot. Like, run things through my mind until I’m happy with my opinion or thoughts before I say anything. I’ve been thinking about Amy Winehouse quite a bit this week since she passed away on the 23rd July, I guess it’s been bothering me a bit so I decided to say something about it. I’ve been thinking about her, addiction, death, love and so on. I’ve been watching the tweets, reading what people have to say about it online, the jokes that have been thrown around and seeing what’s happening on TV. And I have now arrived at what I think about it all. Because of course I will have an opinion, I always do. And here it is.

At the end of the day, a young and very talented person has lost their life. It doesn’t matter how she lost her life. It’s irrelevant. Bottom line she is dead. And that is really sad. She has family and friends that I am sure love her dearly and they must be crippled with grief by losing her. I know what it feels like to lose someone that I love more than anything in the world and was and still is a part of my heart and my life since the day I was born. It’s and indescribable hurt that can make you feel sick from the pain and I cannot imagine what her parents are feeling having to bury their daughter with the added chaos that the media creates. However, she was famous and this does come with the territory. I just wish people would have more respect for their loss.

Of course everyone would assume she died of a drug overdose given her history of alcohol and drug abuse. What she died of has not yet been confirmed but even if it was a drug overdose, so what!? She was very sick and drug and alcohol abuse is a disease, just like any other disease. You can’t discriminate because that may be what she died of. Russel Brand wrote a beautiful piece for Amy. Read it here – and it put into perspective for me that addiction is a disease. And he would know, he was an addict.

“A voice that was filled with such power and pain that it was at once entirely human yet laced with the divine.”

Russel Brand

One thing that does irritate me though is how people suddenly become Amy Winehouse fans AFTER she’s died. Suddenly “Back to Black” has shot to number 1 on iTunes… why now!? Suddenly now you’re a massive Amy fan – puh-lease. It’s quite pathetic really.

Well that’s my opinion. Oh, and stop the jokes… they’re lame and quite honestly what kind of person makes jokes about someone’s death. Not cool peaches.

Rest in peace Amy,

Miss M x


2 Responses to “Amy, addiction, love and loss.”

  1. whatsaysyou July 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    She may be forever gone but she is definitely the voice of our generation and she will be remembere by everyone for many years to come as the girl who made jazz sound cool. Yes, I don’t like how some people can be so disrespectful even when she is dead when they say she deserves to be dead and all that hogwash. Lastly, I want to say that she accomplished so much in the music industry with her soulful voice and her great songwriting despite being in her twenties.

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