The Chedi. Just because.

20 Jul

I like to see the positive in what can sometimes be perceived as a negative situation. It’s good for your overall mojo and there is nothing worse than a Moaner Lisa. It just does my head in when someone sits around being useless and whining. You can have some cheese with that whine thank you very much.

Ya, ya – you do that. Moaner Lisa.

So, it’s summer. It’s hot as hell in the desert. BUT. All the amazing 5 star hotels across the Gulf have AMAZE summer deals on. SO, what is the absolute obvious thing to do!? Check into one them. As you do.

Now, even though there is loads of choice such as The Grand Hyatt, The Intercontinental, The Shangri-La, Al Bustan Palace etc etc when it comes to picking your desired hotel I knew straight away that my choice would be The Chedi. And here’s why.

My favourite aspect of this hotel is the overall architecture and design and minimalistic, yet stylish, interiors. You don’t get that “hotel” feeling that you do in most hotels. You know the one my peach, where everything has been selected out of an “everything in one” catalogue and no thought really put into it – resulting in no character and vibe whatsoever. Not a fan.



The Chedi is different though. The individual crisp white buildings set against the lush blanket of green grass sprinkled with palm trees and the sparkling blue sky and sea as the backdrop just demand relaxation. Simple. It’s just such a “zen” feeling that is created throughout the property with very minimalistic décor in the rooms, little bridges and walkways through flowing water ponds and stones with a touch of Omani influence throughout.

We booked into a suite. Just because. Now I could quite happily live in a suite like this forever and ever amen. It was probably bigger than the 1st apartment that I lived in in Cape Town. A lounge with complimentary mini bar stocked with gin, whisky and voddies for my body with a mahoosive flat screen. Then, the bedroom – very elegant indeed. And the bathroom with an amazing sunken bath the size of a small swimming pool, his and hers dressing area’s and an incredible shower. A little patio with table, chairs and sun lounger to finish it all off, and yes, you are a rock star. Believe it.

There are two amazing swimming pools, the “no children” infinity pool on the beach front being my favourite. It is here where we spent an afternoon sipping on delish cocktails, spritzers, dips in the pool and lounging on the little tented poolside beds. Utter bliss.

The Spa is an absolute must where I shall not name and shame anybody here (you know who you are). But the Confused Expat and I went for a 90 minute Balinese massage which I can say was the best massage I have EVER had. And I like my massages and will have one whenever possible. This ranked tops.

There’s also everything else you would expect from a 5 star hotel – restaurants, gym, tennis courts etc etc. Brekkie was included in our summer deal and Santos and I ordered what was possibly the biggest brekkie I have ever seen which arrived to our room in picnic baskets – so we had a breakfast picnic in the lounge. How divine.

All in all a fabulous hotel to check into and live the dream. There is no doubt that I’ll go back and cannot wait to try out other Chedi hotels in the world.

Check out or call reservations: +968 24524400. Just do it peach.

And why check into a hotel 5 minutes from your house? Well, just because.

Miss M x


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