Peach in the P’ines. With a backpack.

20 Apr

Ok my lovely’s, as most are aware (cos I just simply won’t shut my pie hole about it) I’m off to the Philippines next week Wednesday for 2 whole weeks of remote island bliss. No work, no CrackBerry, 7 more sleeps – P FOR PUMPED!

As usual with me, it’s a spontaneous trip. I rang up The Bestie a month or so back. She’s a teacher, teaching in China, so is obviously always on holiday (don’t even get me started) and she and her man, The Naked Chef, are forever away to exotic places in and around South East Asia. So – it was a case of where and when!? Philippines. May. Thought about it a few days. Ok – I’m in. Simple. And best of all I get to spend it with some of my fav peaches – in the world!

So here’s the plan.

From Dubai – fly to Manila. Stay in Manila. Meat the Mountain Goats (check these 2 out – they’re nutters and I love them dearly in Manila at sparrows fart the next morning.

Fly to Cebu. Stay in Cebu. Fly to Surigao. Take a boat to Siargoa Island, pronounced Shar-gow . 6 nights of paradise – here.

Yes peaches, believe it. This is where I’ll be.

And then the next week, um, not quite sure yet – on another island of course with The Mountain Goats frolicking around with coconut drinks in hand in the sun. TBC. Love a little spice, uncertainty and spontaneity to an adventure.

ONE PROBLEM PEACHES. I got a glimpse of the backpack I will be taking last night and promptly asked The Queen of Bubbles, “Is this for carry-on luggage!?” “Um, no – this is it.” She told me, quite confidently, as she does. Fark! Shock, horror! “HOW I SCREAMED”, distraught!? And she still attempted to tell me that you can actually fit a lot in there. OK so here’s the solution – for once in my life I will need to actually pack in advance. How I usually do packing (whether it be to South Africa, Bali, London, even just Dubai for the weekend – whatever) is that an hour before I need to be at the airport I throw as much as possible into a suitcase, neatly, shower and fly down our curved marble staircase with a mahoosive suitcase trailing behind me nearly knocking myself down the stairs, running out of the house, cab driver already waiting outside for the last 30 minutes and almost always turn up at the airport late. But I get to where I’m going with everything I need is the bottom line, so it works as far as I’m concerned.

But for this trip I don’t want to be trying to haul a massive suitcase onto a little boat, which no doubt you will probably have to jump off into the water on the other side and carry my mahoosive suitcase on my head – um, I think not. This is not a good look. I need to look effortless – a well seasoned island traveler that knows exactly what she is doing, with my backpack and 15 kg’s of essentials. I’m thinking costumes, head bands (of course!), sarongs, beach dresses, beach hat and flip flops. That should be about it. And obviously my GHD and bag of MAC make up. This will stay. Don’t even try take this away from me.

You can still backpack and be fabulous.

Miss M x


2 Responses to “Peach in the P’ines. With a backpack.”

  1. Jimmy April 21, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    Don’t forget the scrunchies! 15kg max weight baggage allowance for Cebu Pacific Air – WTF?

    • Miss M April 22, 2011 at 3:29 am #

      WTF!? Don’t worry Jim Bob Square Pants-we’ll survive. And don’t you dare be talking about scrunchies in my presence. It could be the friendship over. Right there.

      See you goats in T minus 6 sleeps! Ka Baaaaaam!

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