Age is but a number. Ya right.

29 Mar

OK, I have not quite been MIA, maybe just a tad. So much to do, so little time people! 1st of all it was my BARFDAY! (and I was utterly spoilt, thank you special peaches)! This year I felt slightly awkward with the day creeping up on me and I did not want to have any form of celebration. Just so not me. Generally I luurrve a party, and especially in my honour! Um, not this year. Could it be because with each year the big THREE OH is getting closer and closer? Possibly. OK fine,  yes, that is the reason. Happy? I then I thought about it this week, post birthday. What’s the big deal anyway!? Age is but a number! Ya right. And here’s the best reason why.

Happy barfday to moi.

I decided to have a dinner with some of my beloved peaches, the weekend before my actual barfday. The Safari Rooftop Grill at the Grand Hyatt was the restaurant of choice. This restaurant never disappoints, the food and atmosphere is amazing and we needed to take advantage of the gorgeous weather in the desert and being able to actually sit outside before it will be scorching. Perfect choice. With this particular dinner comes an “all you can drink element”. Bottomless drinks. Oh dear.

Safari Rooftop Grill – stunning

And this is when it all dawned on me. The next morning when I opened my eyes, halfheartedly, I realized that age is not just but a stooopid number. Age is but a progression to literally the worst hangovers you will ever have in your life. A couple of whiskey’s, moving onto red wine later in the evening, and – FARK. On a level of 1 – 10, 10 being diabolic, I was at an 11. Panadol, shower, couldn’t even think of food, gallons of water, sleeping goggles over the eyes back in bed  and the AC flat out – I managed to get the 11 down to about a 4. And I wasn’t even cured yet.

Something like this, uurrgghh.

As if this wasn’t enough, on my actual birthday I decided to have drinks at the Park Inn Rooftop, which on Monday nights has a free drink of choice on arrival and free cosmo’s all night. Fabulous. For ladies. Sorry gents, you’d look weird with cosmo’s in hand, anyway. And this was a school night. What was I thinking!? Needless to say Tuesday at work was completely non-productive.  Completely.

Mmmm, delish.

When I was in my early 20’s I used to laugh at late 20’s peaches and call them old and chirping things like “don’t run with the big dogs if you piss like a puppy”. I’m still cheeky enough to rip the hell out of my friends that have crossed over to the other side and are just on 30, or 31.

Well, look who’s the puppy now, tail between legs, I take it all back – I’m SORRY!

Karma is a bitch.

Miss M x


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