Gatiep & Meraai, always HILARIOUS!

16 Mar

Gatiep was speaking to his priest…

You know, me and the Big Boss up there, we are tight.

He knows I can’t see at night, so when I get up at night to go to the toilet, the light sommer goes on by itself, and when I leave it sommer goes off again, all on its own.

The priest can hardly believe this story, and later asks Meraai if she knows anything about this ‘miracle’.

Meraai: What miracle?

Priest: No, you see, Gatiep tells me that at night the light sommer goes on, on its own, when he goes to the toilet, and when he leaves it just goes off again.

Meraai: Ag jislaaik, he pissed in the blerrie fridge again!!!

Compliments of my fab Baker Mom. It’s the WEEKKENDDD  BAAAAABBBBYYYY, in the Middle East. And it’s my birthday weekend! Bring it!

Miss M x



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