www.dealio.co.za. Seriously amaze.

16 Mar

So I’ve come across this site on Twitter (yes, I know, I’m a Twitter lunatic). Anyways, what a GREAT concept! Love it!

It’s a site that is all about getting great deals. Obviously – http://www.dealio.co.za/. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Just to really understand how amaze this site is, the current deal is:

A 1 hour authentic Thai oil massage for 180 bucks. Seriously, 180 Saffa Ronds. That’s it! Incredible.

So how it works is that you pop onto the site, select your city, select your fabulous deal and buy a coupon from the site. You can do this by credit card or even direct transfer (EFT)and there a few other options here including prepaid Dealio cash, so no excuses peaches! A minimum amount of people need to buy the deal in order for you to redeem it. So this is where you need to get involved and post it to Facebook, Twitter or e-mail it directly to your lovely friends. Once enough people have opted in you receive an e-mail saying the deal is ON, you print your coupon and off you trot for some micro lighting, massage or whichever fabulous deal you have bought. If no one buys, you get your moola back. Simple.

Unfortunately I don’t live in South Africa at the moment to take at advantage of these ridiculously huge savings that should SO be taken advantage of! It’s a sin not to! And you can all thank me in prepaid Dealio cash, thank you kindly!

Saffa friends get involved, at least for my sake please. I beg.

Miss M x


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