MO what!? Branding fail!

14 Mar

On Thursday (which is Saturday in my world), The Accomplice and I were cruising around the mall ticking time over and avoiding boredom. We did end up purchasing some much needed essentials such as MAC make up, network cables to hook up Hulu on the TV (I’ve become so technical these days learning about all these things) and a backgammon bored. Score.

A couple of things from the hour-ish experience in the mall.

This is up 1st, for sure:

Branding FAIL!!!

What does that say to you? Mo Bitch Me!? That’s what I thought too my peach. I translated this to MO ME BITCH and  merrily waltzed around the mall with a little choon that I came up with, singing – MO ME BITCH, MO ME BIAAAATCH!!! I was quite pleased with myself, kept me entertained for a while.

Next up, trying to find a network cable in Carrefour. So typically The Accomplice men in general never want to ask for directions / help and will wander around for ages. So I went on over to the group of employees for the department, standing around doing nothing. I asked in my lovely polite manner, “Please could you help me, where could I find a network cable”? Typically the person would walk you over to what you were looking for. Not this douche employee. He just points me over saying, “by the laptops”. Well thanks for nothing. Head over to the laptops, still can’t find it, ask someone else and he was lovely enough to show us. Result.

Last, but never least is PAYING. There’s not 1, but 2 people standing behind the counter. You’d think, one to scan the item’s through, take your money etc and the other to pack the stuff. Um, negative. They take turns on job A: scanning items through and taking your money. And they alternate. Must be a fairly stressful job. Shame.

OK one last thing worth a mention, we won something!? So they tell us to wait and that it’s a photo frame or something along these lines. And we wait, and wait and wait. Eventually I just want to go, sushi is calling by now. But The Accomplice is too inquisitive and wants to see what it is. So we wait, for about 15 minutes. Eventually the guy comes back, “Sorry. Finished”. FFS.

I have nothing more. At least the sushi was good.

Miss M x



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