Red robot = stop. Duh.

7 Mar

Some things never fail to amaze me living in the Middle East. Today I was amazed. People tend to buy their driver’s license’s in this part of the world, I assume, because I have never come across such terrible driving on the roads. I felt safer on the road’s in India, so that says a lot.

This morning as I was merrily driving along to work, belting out some Groove Armada choons to set the tone for the day and I approached an intersection of traffic lights. The light’s were about to turn red. So I stopped. Duh. Seems that the guy behind me didn’t get the same vibe from the red robot (aka traffic light). No, no, he was planning on driving straight through me. I have an absolute fear these days of car’s smashing me up the rear as I’ve had a Baiza bus do this to me and it was not nice. Not nice at all. So I constantly have my eye on my rear view mirror, just in case.

This oke just wasn’t stopping, so I started driving, into the intersection for fear of him ramming me up my car’s poepol, until he eventually stopped. Well that was just it. I’ve had enough of this bafoonery this week and I stripped my moer. He was parked behind me in the intersection, I got out of my car and walked up to his window, slamming my hand on his closed window I asked him WHAT THE FARK ARE YOU DOING!?!? He rolls down the window and looks at my like I’m a muppet. Um, excuse me guy, you’re the muppet, you can’t drive through stationary cars.

Now wait for it. JUST WAIT FOR IT. His response was that he couldn’t see my car because it’s dirty. Say WHAT!? I drive a BRIGHT bleating red car. Are you kidding me!? Granted my car is slightly dirty (note to self: need to take it for a wash before I get a 1000 Ronds fine) just don’t tell me you couldn’t see it. In a rant I told him that he’s a liar and to take his eye’s out of his poepol and focus. Enough said. I was done. Woooosa. Got back into my car, robot turned green and by this stage I sped off, and he kept his bloody distance, didn’t he.

Bafoonery. That’s all.

Miss M x



One Response to “Red robot = stop. Duh.”

  1. Confused Expat March 7, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    Oh i laughed hard when reading this. Good for you for getting out and saying something. Would love to have seen his face! x

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