My perfectly blonde opinion on the “unrest” in the Middle East

28 Feb

As I’ve mentioned before, politics don’t fall as number 1 on my list of top interests. I’m aware of  what is top news (or rather top trends on twitter that make me aware and I choose to read what I want to read), not necessarily interested. I’m not one of those peeps that get’s the paper on the weekend and flips through it at a coffee shop with a cuppa looking all uber intelligent. I’ve always fancied being one of those people, but I’m not. Politics is one of the topics of conversation that is never to be raised at a dinner party or braai in my blond opinion. The other being religion. These types of topics always end up causing the conversation to go round and round in circles and in the end it’s a case of agreeing to disagree. How fantastic. People believe and support what they will. Just leave them alone with what makes them feel peachy.

Sho, I’d read his newspaper…

As I’m sure everyone is aware there is a lot of political “stuff” unrest going on in the Middle East and North Africa as we speak. Egypt was scary but the people’s voices were heard and finally resulted in Muburak stepping down – tick. Well done Egypt. He was a muppet dictator that ruled for 30 years, suppressing dissent and protest, and jailing opponents (jeez, what a nice guy). I wonder if Egypt will now become a truly democratic country? Here’s hoping. Next up was Libya which is just crazy? He doesn’t care how many of his people get killed. I mean, you really deserve to rule a beautiful country Gaddafi, you really are a keeper. Dick wad. Then there’s Bahrain, Yemen and now… Oman!? I repeat Oman.

Is this oke for real!?

Suddenly politics become number 1 on my list of interests, because I live here. Although it is not quite the same as trying to chuck out Gadaffi and Muburak (The Sultan is a lekker oke and His people do love him), or about religion as in Bahrain it seems as if the Omani’s have chosen to jump on this band wagon and start up shyte. I feel quite sorry for the Sultan to be honest. Here’s a guy that has transformed this country for his people for the last 40 years and this is how they choose to say thank you after the fat bonuses that they all received last year for the 40th celebrations, copious amounts of holidays and being just generally looked after!? They’re protesting for more money. Nice one Oman.  Nice. In the real world you work for your beans, not get them handed to you.

Now this is where it really all becomes a bit interesting. Protests have kicked off in Salalah and Sohar. Now what really grates my carrot is that there is no credible news in this country, news is gate kept. You read what you are allowed to read. So everyone starts forming opinions based on hear say. It’s at a time like this that social media is down right fab. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. Still not credible sources of information as again it’s not factual reporting but better than nothing is what I say. From what I have gathered from yesterday, the worst occured yesterday in Sohar as 1 – 2 people were killed by “gun shot”. Hold on. 1 -2. Is it 1 or 2 people? The law of averages most certainly can not apply here as you can’t kill half a person. Secondly, protests in Azaiba, Muscat. Again, hold your horse here boerewors, this is the peaceful happy suburban area that I live in. Not happening. The border to the UAE was apparently also closed yesterday. This morning I checked #Sohar on Twitter and Lulu’s has been burnt down, top tweet. Another place I’ve been going to fuel my new found political interest is Facebook. We have a friend that lives in Sohar, maar Boetie, dit help nie as jy in Afrikaans jou status update, die mense kan nie dit verstaan nie, ek se. What he was saying though is that basically Sohar is on fire, he could hear gun shots, cars and offices are being burnt down and it’s not looking too good. Yusses quite scary.

I read Mr Sythe’s blog yesterday and this morning, Muscat Mutterings, as when a whole lot of kak is going on it’s one place you can go to and read a summary of what is actually going on, and most importantly it is as factual as can be. Check it out: He’s also updating in real time. Good job.

So here’s my take on it:

  1. 1st of all, how did they get to organizing something like this. As the Accomplice mentioned last night they struggle to organize a que of 2 people in Lulu’s, never mind burning the building down.
  2. Are we getting a day off work?
  3. Is there enough red wine at home to last a few days in lock down?
  4. Where’s the South African Embassy so I can go register myself as I’m not digging in these pockets to get me outta here if a time of crisis. Holidays to the Phillipinnes are far more important.
  5. Do or I don’t I tell my Mom? Mom’s do tend to be a little neurotic at times and if they see what’s on the news (as it will be completely blown out of proportion) they’d be straight on the old horn telling you to get the fark out of there. I did BBM my old lady this morning  just to pre-empt any panic. She seemed fine. Good on you Mother Dearest – so level headed she is. Love you x
  6. And lastly, if this unrest as they like to call it causes Jared Leto and his fab band 30 Seconds to Mars not to come to Muscat, this country will see a protest of note take place by this blondie. Nothing should get between me and Jared.

I’m at work today, there is enough wine at home, I still haven’t found time to get to the Embassy and my Mother is in the know. Now for what’s really more important, what happened at the Oscars last night!?

Miss M x


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    It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

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