Jen vs. Brooklyn – just go with it and vote.

22 Feb

I luuurrrve going to the cinema. I’m even a bigger fan of chick flicks! And I would not survive on this earth without popcorn, easily top 5 of my all time fav things in the world. So, I nearly fell off my chair when The Accomplice asked if I wanted to go watch “Just go with it” the new Adam Sandler movie starring Jennifer Anniston, Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman, which is a complete chick flick!

And then it all made sense. The real reason why The Accomplice and The QS were so dead keen to see this movie was because of this:

Tits and ass people, tits and ass. Everyone meet Brooklyn Decker. Now I’m not going to rattle off what the movie was about, go and watch it. Great chick flick which guys will enjoy too because there is tons of eye candy and it is hilarious, obviously, Adam Sandler’s involved. But was is totally evident from this movie is the Jen vs. Brooklyn chick off.

Brooklyn Decker, 23, model (well known for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret swimwear), landed the SI 2010 cover and actress (kinda), married to Andy Roddick.

Damn the girl did good for herself.

Jennifer Aniston, 42, and she really needs no introduction.

Is there even a contest? My vote’s on Jen, down right fabulous this woman is.

Miss M x


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