30 Seconds to Mars on camels!?

21 Feb

I nearly platsed when I heard 30 SECONDS TO MARS were coming to the Middle East, just nearly. They’re going to be playing in Abu Dhabi on the 11th of March and just this week it was announced that they would be in Muscat, Oman too on the 10th of March.

Now I am an avid fan! I LOVE this rock band. Hard rockers seem to have their doubtful opinions on them, but just shush your pie hole and keep them to yourselves please. They’re awesome! I’m sure that the majority of the music will be from their “This is War” album (which is mostly what is being played on HiFM Radio at the moment), however, I tweeted Jared and he said he’ll include some of my fav’s from their “A Beautiful Lie” album. Fab, sorted.

Lastly I’d like to be a real chica and shmooze over the fact that Jared Leto will be in town. Oooeefff, he’s just so hot, so sexy right now.

Wowza, need to pull myself towards myself here.

Nothing has been mentioned on ticket sales, venues etc. just that they will be in Muscat on the 10th of March. Best to get your tweet on and follow them on Twitter @30SECONDSTOMARS or follow HiFM @hifmradio.

Shotgun Jared.

Miss M x


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